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#1. Everything looks so much brighter today. The sky is a magnificent cobalt blue, the clouds look like puffy white marshmallows, and I'm happy. not the fake, suck-it-up-and-put-a-smile-on-your-face-happy. Really happy. For the first time in a long time. - Author: Beth Michele
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#2. Her angel didn't look at all like she'd expected. He was no benevolent creature with long, flowing robes and a bland, peaceful smile. Instead he was the stuff of every teenage girl's - and quite a few teenage boys' - fantasies. - Author: Rosalie Lario
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#3. I smile back at her. "I must be stronger than I look." "All women are," my doctor adds while scrutinizing the womaniest part of me, improvising a pattern upon which to seam the torn pieces and hem the jagged edges. Clint - Author: Hope Jahren
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#4. I encourage you to deliberately look for something to smile or laugh about every day, and be sure to share a smile or a laugh with someone else and brighten their day too! - Author: Joyce Meyer
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#5. The boy in me will always love you," he said, disarming her with a smile. "The man I am doesn't know you yet." And now there was a look in his eyes that she recognized, that resonated deep within her. - Author: Eloisa James
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#6. He cracked a slight smile, but it didn't look amused. I'm not letting you out of my sight. You're looking a little deranged, Angel. We'll go together. - Author: Becca Fitzpatrick
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#7. Whatever," Bruiser grumbled. "You look like Fabio." "Thank you," Drew said through a flattered smile. The dick. - Author: T.S. Joyce
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#8. So long, Geralt. Look after yourself." The witcher's smile was surly. "I prefer to look after others. It turns out better in the long run." From - Author: Andrzej Sapkowski
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#9. I like to think that Einstein would look at string theory's journey and smile, enjoying the theory's remarkable geometrical features while feeling kinship with fellow travelers on the long and winding road toward unification. - Author: Brian Greene
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#10. I am so saddened and grossed out by young women who look like creepy, old aliens because of their new Barbie noses and lips. Is that a smile or a grimace? - Author: Olivia Wilde
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#11. I won't ask you to stay," he said. Eleanor could barely look at him althought there was nothing more she wanted to do than memorize every line and angle of his face. "But I want to."

She inhaled sharply and forced a smile.

"I won't say 'yes' if you do ask...but I want to. - Author: Tiffany Reisz
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#12. update that brought a huge smile to her face. "Rodrick!" she called out from her bed. He didn't answer. "Rodrick! Come here! Look at this!" He still didn't respond, so - Author: Jordan Belcher
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#13. Mori smiled properly. The lines around his eyes were deeper than usual now. They made him look like an old photograph of a young man, often crushed, but ironed carefully so that only the ghosts of the marks remained. - Author: Natasha Pulley
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#14. Marlee, what are you doing? Get under a tent before you burn your skin."
She gave me a polite smile. "I'm happy here."
"No, really," I said, putting a hand around her arm. "You'll look like my hair. - Author: Kiera Cass
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#15. Certainly people are always very envious of me. When I join a new theater company, the other actors look down the program, see my Return of the Jedi credit and say, 'Oh, you were part of Star Wars.' I smile and say, 'Yes, but only for twenty-six and a half seconds.' - Author: Caroline Blakiston
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#16. See, don't just look. Your partner is so much more than their appearance. It's how kind their heart is, how lovely they smile, how much they care and have compassion, how generous and giving they are which becomes much more attractive. - Author: Suzan Battah
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#17. When I look at you, it's like I can see the colors," he signed. "I love you, Smile Girl. - Author: Marie Hall
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#18. That night we push our cots just a little closer together, and look into each other's eyes in the moments before we fall asleep. When he finally drifts off, our fingers are twisted together in the space between the beds.
I smile a little, and let myself go. - Author: Veronica Roth
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#19. Will you remember that? Anywhere you are, if you can look up and find Perseus in the sky, find that smile, and hear the galactic wind whisper your name, you'll know that it's me, calling for you ... calling you back to Lazarevo. (Alexander) - Author: Paullina Simons
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#20. I've got this." Apollo stepped forward. His fiery armor was so bright it was hard to look at, and his matching Ray-Bans and perfect smile made him look like a male model for battle gear. "God of medicine, at your service. - Author: Rick Riordan
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#21. Look how far we've come. Look at us now. Ache for ache. Smile for smile. I only ever wanted to live this life with her. - Author: Krista Ritchie
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#22. He sincerely was beautiful.His smile,his wit,his friendliness and ease,his laughter-they all exuded such beauty.How could one look at him and not think him wonderful? - Author: Jenni James
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#23. She wiped the mirror so she could look at herself. Mediocre and grim, she thought. Not mediocre, her face, with wide gray eyes, fine nose and smile, but it was grim. A good body, but so long disregarded it seemed grim too. - Author: Lucia Berlin
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#24. And Caitlin smiled. I Wanted to put her smile in my pocket to look at over and over - Author: Alex Flinn
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#25. Then you look at her and smile a smile your dissembling face will remember until the day you die. Baby, you say, baby, this is part of my novel.
This is how you lose her. - Author: Junot Diaz
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#26. Lily gave me a nod and a smile. "I wish I could be more like you. You're so confident in who you are."
I had to look away from her eyes full of admiration. "I don't know who I am, Lily. I'm just really good at pretending. - Author: Nicole Williams
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#27. Katherine was sitting alone at a table, but she didn't look lonely. In fact, there was a small, defiant smile on her lips. As if she wanted to be alone. As if the fact people avoided her was a badge. - Author: Victoria Schwab
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#28. When you see a beautiful woman in the street, don't look at her hatefully as if you're about to kill her and don't exhibit excessive longing either; just give her a little smile, avert your eyes, and walk on [1974]. Taking - Author: Orhan Pamuk
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#29. When you look at a person's eyes or her smile, you can't tell how much she weighs. - Author: Suzanne Supplee
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#30. He pinpointed Helen immediately, despite so many women - all dressed in somber mourning attire - against a background of pitch dark. He offered her a weak smile, somewhere between, 'I didn't mean to look at you' and 'I couldn't help but look at you. - Author: Becca St. John
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#31. I like your mama,' Trena tells me. 'She seems like good people.'
'Smile!' my mom calls to me from across the room, and I look at her and smile. Because she is good people. And she means well, even if she does drive me crazy. - Author: Frances O'Roark Dowell
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#32. His thumb caressed the scarlet surface of her cheek. "From now on, Hannah, no matter what you say or do, I'm going to look at your mouth and remember how sweet you taste." A self-mocking smile curved his lips as he added quietly, "Damn it. - Author: Lisa Kleypas
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#33. I want her to look at me and smile just to show that she knows that I know that she knows - Author: Marlon James
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#34. I'm just saying, 'Hey, throw me a bone. How about a smile, cute t-shirt? Look at me.' Nothing - unless it's a turn to their friends to go, 'Hey, why is that weird guy looking at us?' - Author: Marc Maron
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#35. I flashed her a smile, but she didn't even look at me. So for brains and good judgment, I'd give her a three. - Author: Bobby Bare
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#36. She looked up at me with a polite smile, her dark hair long and appealing ... I liked the smile.
Maybe I didn't look like a beaten-up bum. Maybe on me it just looked ruggedly determined.
"I'm sorry, sir," she said, "but the addiction counseling center is on twenty-six."
Sigh. - Author: Jim Butcher
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#37. Gabriel was trying to smile, but the expression kept breaking apart. He was looking at her as if he hadn't seen her for years and years of searching, and had just now walked into a room and come upon her unexpectedly. As if he wanted to look at every part of her, now that he could do it honestly. - Author: L.J.Smith
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#38. I suffered from post-natal depression after Rowan was born. I had a healthy, beautiful baby girl and I couldn't look at her. I couldn't hold her, smile at her. All I wanted was to disappear and die. - Author: Brooke Shields
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#39. He sat there looking at her smiling and laughing, watching her hair fall over her eyes and she setting it back behind her ear, He turned away bowed his head down and smiled himself looking back at the sky. - Author: Akshay Vasu
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#40. You should smile, look her in the eyes, and give her a small complement when you ask her out. - Author: Auliq Ice
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#41. He almost dared to say that her graying mustache gave her a military look, a more distinguished air: his private smile at the thought he had withheld ruffled her as much. - Author: Elizabeth Taylor
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#42. The knowledge that we had the power to upset that goddess made us look at each other conspiratorially and smile. It also made her human. - Author: Maya Angelou
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#43. I look at Jane for a long time and a slow smile creeps over her face. Her whole face changes when she smiles - this eyebrow-lifting, perfect-teeth-showing, eye-crinkling smile I've either never seen or never noticed. She becomes pretty so suddenly that it's almost like a magic trick - Author: John Green
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#44. Papa taps on the skylight and I look up. He waves at me and smiles. I smile back. For now, I don't need to know what lies ahead. For now it's enough just to be here, safe aboard the Morning Star with my family and friends. For now, it's enough to be home. - Author: Heather Vogel Frederick
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#45. Carmen saves the young child and is rewarded with a look of gratitude. His smile turns into a puzzle as he no longer hold the little girl, but his dark haired goddess - Author: Solange Nicole
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#46. I don't know how one minute, a person can think his life is nothing more than a barren valley with nothing left to look forward to. Then, in the blink of an eye, someone can come along and change it with a simple smile. - Author: Colleen Hoover
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#47. Don't worry about me," I finally said. "Really. I'm more worried about you." And even more worried about where Graves is.
"Are you?" A fey smile lit his face, and I caught my breath. It was a shock to see him look so happy. "Well, then. - Author: Lilith Saintcrow
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#48. But my mind clung to my wife's image, imagining it with an uncanny acuteness. I heard her answering me, saw her smile, her frank and encouraging look. Real or not, her look then was more luminous than the sun which was beginning to rise. - Author: Viktor E. Frankl
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#49. How's your dance card look?" "Double-check your century Jules. No dance cards." Jules shrugged & gave me his most flirtatious smile. - Author: Amy Plum
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#50. Life is a chaplet of little miseries which the philosopher counts with a smile. Be philosophers, as I am, gentlemen; sit down at the table and let us drink. Nothing makes the future look so bright as surveying it through a glass of chambertin. - Author: Alexandre Dumas
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#51. It was nice to be alone, not to have to smile and look pleased; a relief to stare dejectedly out the window at the sheeting rain and let just a few tears escape. - Author: Stephenie Meyer
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#52. She smiled as she looked at the flower. ... It was such a tender smile, and so happy, I decided right then that I wanted to make her smile like that again and again and that I wanted to look at that smile until the day I died. - Author: Christopher Paolini
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#53. Everybody changes. I love fashion, and I love changing my style, my hair, my makeup, and everything I've done in the past has made me what I am now. Not everyone is going to like what I do, but I look back at everything, and it makes me smile. - Author: Victoria Beckham
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#54. I look at you, Mrs. Emily. I see your eyes smile before your lips. Your hair has a curl that droops onto your forehead when the weather is humid . . .

I look at you too, Sabine. I see you. - Author: Phyllis H. Moore
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#55. I do not fear of death because my world had lost it's colour and I had lost my happiness. But life goes on. So, I decided to cover the pain I suffer with a shiny,bright smile.I might look happy but you do not know what's going on inside. It's scary what a smile can hide, right ? - Author: Anonymous
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#56. They are not happy out there. Take a walk today and look at how many people smile. Look at how troubled they are, unhappy, stressed out. Go through the ghetto or go through Beverly Hills. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#57. I'm much younger than I look, I promise." Nora's smile broadened. "I'm aging horribly. - Author: Tiffany Reisz
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#58. My mother used to tell me: "You gotta smile more. Because if you don't smile, the way you look at people, they'll think you're mad at them." - Author: Denzel Washington
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#59. I swallowed my own smile. I shouldn't be thinking this was fun at all; it was serious business. But I couldn't help it, if you couldn't look at the world when it fell apart around you and see the funny shit, you would end up hating everyone and everything. - Author: Shannon Mayer
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#60. An obstreperous urge seized him. he desperately wanted to hold on to her, to support his slipping heart, and when it slipped away, he realized she had gone away, incarcerating herself in his thought with her smile and unblemished innocence. - Author: Faraaz Kazi
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#61. Do you know why the characters in my book look like us?"
"Pure coincidence?" he asked with a smile.
"Because I was fantasizing about us doing all those things together when I wrote it."
"Are you trying to make me cry? - Author: N.M. Silber
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#62. Loki was trying to look serious, but even so, he was smiling at the corners of his mouth. It was not a reassuring smile. - Author: Neil Gaiman
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#63. I could always get by on a fake ID, calm face, and a smile. My sister could look guilty saying her prayers. - Author: Huntley Fitzpatrick
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#64. She groaned and closed those eyes. "Do not look at me like that. You will make me smile, and I refuse to smile when I am attempting to stay mad at you. - Author: Jenni James
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#65. For me, every hour is grace. And I feel gratitude in my heart each time I can meet someone and look at his or her smile. - Author: Elie Wiesel
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#66. The number one characteristic of an alpha male is the smile," he said, beaming an artificial beam. "Smile when you enter a room. As soon as you walk in a club, the game is on. And by smiling, you look like you're together, you're fun, and you're somebody. - Author: Neil Strauss
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#67. Let's talk about nothing. Look me in the eyes. I'll swim into yours. And we'll just smile. Enough for the whole world to crash behind us. - Author: Nema Al-Araby
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#68. I look back at James one last time, and he gives me his signature smile, wide and cocky. but it's not real. Sometimes I think it's never real. James is the best at hiding his pain, disgusing the feelings. He knows what it takes to stay out of the Program. He'll keep us safe.
He promised. - Author: Suzanne Young
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#69. Pretend to be a delinquent?" I asked clarifying.
"You can do it," Dave advised me. "Just don't smile, and try to look like you're considering stealing something. - Author: Sarah Dessen
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#70. God, I love spending time with you." His smile eases me. "Don't get mad at me, but I'm going to say something and I have no apologies for saying it." I raise my eyebrows in curiosity. "You look fucking hot in that bikini. - Author: Jeannine Colette
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#71. Don't break my heart," he heard her whisper, making him stop for just a second to look her in the eyes.
"I won't. Don't break mine," he responded, making her smile as she pulled him back to her. She wanted his lips on hers again. - Author: Kat Green
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#72. I should have made my meaning plainer," said Professor McGonagall, turning at last to look Umbridge directly in the eyes. "He has achieved high marks in all Defense Against the Dark Arts tests set by a competent teacher." Professor Umbridge's smile vanished as suddenly as a lightbulb blowing. She - Author: J.K. Rowling
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#73. I turn around and start walking, careful to keep my head down so no one sees the moment when the huge smile I was fighting finally breaks free. It takes every ounce of self-control not to look back and see if he's watching. - Author: Kami Garcia
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#74. Terrible grabbed her as she rounded the corner, his lips curved in what would have been a grin on a normal person, which he wasn't. On his scarred, shadowed face, the smile made him look like he was getting ready to bite. - Author: Stacia Kane
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#75. I never laugh or smile when I am writing. When I come home for lunch after writing all morning, my wife says I look like I just came home from a funeral. This is not bragging. This is an illness. - Author: Carl Hiaasen
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#76. I usually only draw myself in down periods ... I suppose that's why I often draw myself looking grim. I just think, 'Let's have a look in the mirror.' When you are alone and you look in a mirror you never put on a pleasing smile. Well, you don't, do you? - Author: David Hockney
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#77. I don't need to touch a woman to possess her; I can reel in souls with a simple look, a light touch, a well-timed smile. It's not magic. This, this is simple biology. - Author: C.M. Stunich
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#78. We fall in love for a smile, a look, a shoulder. That is enough; then, in the long hours of hope or sorrow, we fabricate a person, we compose a character. - Author: Marcel Proust
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#79. So this is how "happy" feels, I thought. The energy, the automatic smile. This is what it's like to look forward to the day, to believe there could be good things coming. - Author: James Patterson
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#80. Uncle Burt's round face, mixing bowl bangs of greying blond locks and toothless smile made him look more like an emoticon than a judge. - Author: Kenneth Eade
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#81. Someday we're going to look back on every shared smile and smile some more. It's moments like this that make life worth enduring. - Author: Nadege Richards
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#82. A philosopher is a man who can look at an empty glass with a smile. - Author: Thomas Dewar, 1st Baron Dewar
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#83. I have a nice smile, pretty lips, and big round cheeks. They help me look like a teenager. - Author: Gabourey Sidibe
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#84. Tell me," he said when he was at her back, "what do you see when you look out at the water?"
"Endless possibilites."
His lips were ghosting over the shell of her ear, and she could feel the smile pulling at them, making goosebumps break out all over her arms. "That's how I see us. - Author: London Miller
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#85. We hold on STEVE's still smiling face as MICHAEL passes by. STEVE's eyes follow MICHAEL out of the room and then the smile disappears.
It is replaced by a look of hunger and desolation. - Author: Stephen Fry
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#86. He still smiles all the time, but now his smiles look like they're made out of water, about to drip down his face. - Author: Veronica Roth
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