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#1. There are very few comics that understand about exciting the crowd, and that's what I always prided myself on: giving a more confident macho attitude towards delivering material. - Author: Andrew Dice Clay
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#2. I do things my own way!..so don't give me any lip about it!.. - Author: Zoro
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#3. Which has left me with a healthy respect and fondness for higher education that those of my friends and family who attended universities were cured of long ago. - Author: Neil Gaiman
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#4. I'll be back 'round again, yes, I'll walk in time with you, old friend. And we'll find that place that we had danced in so long ago. - Author: Dave Matthews
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#5. The mixture of the grotesque and the tragic is agreeable to the spirit, as are discords to the jaded ear. - Author: Charles Baudelaire
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#6. The corner doesn't mind listening to the stupid things I say;
Sometimes it's the only one keeping me from running away.
And the corner never tells me things I'd rather never know;
We became the best of friends long, long, long ago. - Author: Margo T. Rose
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#7. Look around at the azaleas making fuchsia star bursts in spring; look at a full moon hanging silver in a black sky on a cold night. And realize that life is glorious, and that you have no business taking it for granted. - Author: Anna Quindlen
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#8. The old adage about a leopard never changing its spots? Too fucking right - Author: Sofia Tate
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#9. Home life is best for me. But I do enjoy the company of good friends whether from long ago or newer friends who only know me as George, not the ex-Beatle. - Author: George Harrison
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#10. I can hazily remember, long ago, having adults - librarians, friends' parents - suggest to me that I liked books "with magic" because I wanted to escape from a reality that, by implication, I lacked the gumption to face. - Author: Laura Miller
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#11. I never married, but if I had done so, I'm sure I'd have divorced the sod a long time ago. Life is simply too short to hang around with annoying people. That may be why I have so few friends. I'm sure my daughter concurs. - Author: Pansy Schneider-Horst
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#12. ...Nyla was right in predicting that, for me, life would go on into old age and my promise has been kept too, for every now and then over the years, the ghosts have slipped out from the past and I have kept brief company with my friends of long ago. - Author: Edward Beauclerk Maurice
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#13. Remember, it's more mentally tiring to think about what has to be done, and all the things that might go wrong, than it is to physically do the job. - Author: Jack Canfield
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#14. I learned a long time ago that most of my family and friends had plastic hearts. Plastic hearts are made so they cannot be broken. Cracked maybe, but never broken. - Author: Lisa De Jong
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#15. I find that being considerate of others and keeping what I say and what I do in agreement makes for a great night's sleep. - Author: Steve Maraboli
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#16. The traces of such an illness as his do not lightly die away. We should have written long ago, but we knew nothing of his friends, and there was nothing on him, nothing that anyone could understand. He came in the train from Klausenburg, and - Author: Bram Stoker
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#17. As that ripe summer turned to autumn, the sunlight cooled to a slantwise gleam, bronzing the beach grass and setting the beetle-bung trees afire. - Author: Geraldine Brooks
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#18. There are 10,000 books in my library, and it will keep growing until I die. This has exasperated my daughters, amused my friends and baffled my accountant. If I had not picked up this habit in the library long ago, I would have more money in the bank today; I would not be richer. - Author: Pete Hamill
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#19. Suffice it to say Cherie Snodgrass and I were good friends a long, long time ago. After Mr Snodgrass confronted my wife, the friendship ended and my marriage remained intact. - Author: Henry Hyde
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#20. After the bombing, most Iraqis saw what the perpetuators of this attack were trying to do. - Author: George W. Bush
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#21. Wise is he who is satisfied with the spectacle of the world. - Author: Ricardo Reis
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#22. Harriet had long ago discovered that one could not like people any the better, merely because they were ill, or dead - still less because one had once liked them very much. - Author: Dorothy L. Sayers
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#23. Joan of Arc was born 600 years ago. Six centuries is a long time to continue to mark the birth of a girl who, according to her family and friends, knew little more than spinning and watching over her father's flocks. - Author: Kathryn Harrison
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#24. Before history is written down in books, it is written in courage. - Author: George W. Bush
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#25. I learned a long time ago, if you want to keep your friends in show business, don't get famous. Because as soon as you get famous, a lot of the people you used to know, who didn't, become incredibly bitter and jealous. It's part of the territory. - Author: Denis Leary
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#26. A long time ago. I came to the understanding that all men are friends by convenience and enemies by choice. - Author: John Christopher
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#27. It really hurts when I see two good friends are
not talking to each other from long ago. Life is
just for once. There are so many arguments you
can win with but you are gonna lose the person - Author: Pawan Mehra
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#28. I'd have been dead a long time ago if not for my friends, one of whom had just jumped off the cliff after me.
I'd have been a lot more appreciative if he hadn't pushed me first." ~Cassandra Palmer - Author: Karen Chance
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#29. Not so long ago we were all a tightly knit group of friends. Too bad someone had ripped apart the stitches that held us together, unraveling the cozy blanket of our friendship and leaving just enough strands to hang ourselves with. - Author: E.J. Stevens
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#30. I long ago learned that one's illnesses are both pleasanter and more useful if one keeps their exact nature to himself: one's friends, uncertain as to the cause of one's queer behavior and strange sufferings, impute to one a mysteriousness often subtly convenient. - Author: John Barth
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#31. My all-time favourite classic use of ricotta is in gnudi: fluffy, cheesy dumplings of almost ethereal, feathery lightness. - Author: Yotam Ottolenghi
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#32. I travel to Chicago a lot. And I've followed Obama through his Senate race and beyond. I found him to be an exceptional candidate who was able to transcend ethnic and racial lines. - Author: Sal Albanese
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#33. I found the evil in myself a long time ago, and I've accepted it. We're old friends. - Author: Johnny Depp
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#34. It was a combination of an intense interest in children's literature, which I've always had, and the feeling that I'd just have a go and see if I could do it. - Author: Penelope Lively
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