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Top 15 Loneliness Proverbs And Sayings

#1. But seventeen is an inconvenient time to fall in love. - Author: Gayle Forman
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#2. To be a mentor for up-and-coming artists is right up my alley. - Author: Jessica Simpson
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#3. The greatest lesson I've learned in life is "Who knows what's good or bad?" Things come along that you really want, and they turn out to be the worst thing in the world. And some of the worst tragedies that you can conceive turn out to be the best things, the exact medicine you need in that moment. - Author: Denzel Washington
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#4. The paramount question of the day is not political, is not religious, but is economic. The crying-out demand of today is for a circle of principles that shall forever make it impossible for one man to control another by controlling the means of his existence. - Author: Voltairine De Cleyre
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#5. Buried and burned. Never find them. Never. Buried and buried. - Author: Hunter Shea
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#6. Works of art, in my opinion, are the only objects in the material universe to possess internal order, and that is why, though I don't believe that only art matters, I do believe in Art for Art's sake. - Author: E. M. Forster
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#7. Life is a process of self-sustaining and self-generated action. If an organism fails in that action, it dies...It is only the concept of 'Life' that makes the concept of 'Value' possible. It is only to a living entity that things can be good or evil. - Author: Ayn Rand
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#8. Because it is my destiny, Zabdas! Because I've always known the gods made me for something more -- more than just a wife, just a mother, just a woman. They made me for power! - Author: Libbie Hawker
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#9. Och, Sarah, how shall I call augh' beautiful again unless it be the sight of you? - Author: Pamela Clare
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#10. It's the classic story form. All staying equal, or proving equal, or being equal, this will all continue, and the next time around, we'll move on to see what happened to Harry after he dove in the river, or who his friend John really was, and so on. - Author: Robert Creeley
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#11. We evolved. We have only to look at the pouting face of a young chimpanzee to laugh at its reflections of ourselves. We know that more then 98 percent of our genes are shared with the chimpanzee, but we feel the kinship directly when the furry baby puts up its arms to be held. - Author: Alison Jolly
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#12. When I got out of college, I gave myself till I was 30 to invent a product. If I couldn't do it by then, I would just get a real job. And that fear - the fear of a real job - motivated me to be an entrepreneur. - Author: Nick Woodman
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#13. As soon as something becomes 'trendy,' I go off it. I hate the idea of being a sheep and just following a look because I've been told it's fashionable. Individuality makes the world a much more interesting place. - Author: Eliza Doolittle
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#14. If you put a Van Halen album in your record collection, it will melt all the rest of your records. - Author: David Lee Roth
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#15. I think after music is performance because it is also an immaterial form of art, and then there's everything else. - Author: Igor Levit
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