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#1. We carry the flame for all to see, the fire and passion of what we can be. - Author: Meat Loaf
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#2. If you've got a dollar and you spend 29 cents on a loaf of bread, you've got 71 cents left; But if you've got seventeen grand and you spend 29 cents on a loaf of bread, you've still got seventeen grand. There's a math lesson for you. - Author: Steve Martin
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#3. What about your school? It's defective, it's a pack of useless lies. - Author: Meat Loaf
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#4. Don't worry about the future, sooner or later it's the past. If they say the feeling's gone then it's time to take it back. - Author: Meat Loaf
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#5. The first show I ever saw was Meat Loaf, and it was on the Bat Out of Hell tour. Meat Loaf actually had a huge 20-foot bat behind him. Smoke came out of the bat's nose and his eyes glowed red - which is still one of the most mindblowing productions I've ever seen. - Author: Simon Taylor-Davis
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#6. Jeter's work ethic, kneaded into the dough and manifesting itself in the leavening of his metric loaf, has already nourished the dossier with which his contracts are negotiated. - Author: Lonnie Wheeler
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#7. Bread of Life? Jesus lived up to the title. But an unopened loaf does a person no good. Have you received the bread? Have you received God's forgiveness? - Author: Max Lucado
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#8. A king's crumb is worth more than a lord's loaf." 'This - Author: Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra
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#9. You can lose yourself in pleasure, 'til your body's going numb, but will it ever be enough. - Author: Meat Loaf
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#10. Well actually, some weeks they'll write that I'm jealous of living in her shadow. Then other weeks, they'll write that all I want to do is loaf around on her money! It's ridiculous! - Author: Ryan Phillippe
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#11. Love is God's loaf; and this is that feeding for which we are taught to pray, "Give us this day our daily bread." - Author: Henry Ward Beecher
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#12. I was lost til you were found, but I never knew how far down I was falling before I reached the bottom. - Author: Meat Loaf
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#13. The cost of a loaf is a simple thing, and so a loaf is often sought, but some things are past valuing: laughter, land, and love are never bought. - Author: Patrick Rothfuss
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#14. Hunger stared down from the smokeless chimneys, and started up from the filthy street that had no offal, among its refuse, of anything to eat. Hunger was the inscription on the baker's shelves, written in every small loaf of his scanty stock of bad bread; - Author: Charles Dickens
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#15. Praying for the end of time, so I can end my time with you. - Author: Meat Loaf
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#16. The day that I ever become hip ... please shoot me and put me outta my misery! - Author: Meat Loaf
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#17. Eating is self punishment; punish the food instead. Strangle a loaf of Italian bread. Throw darts at a cheesecake. Chain a lamb chop to the bed. Beat up a cookie. - Author: Denise Dietz
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#18. Tucker, to make anything work, from meat loaf to a marriage, there are two things you have to do. Forgive and continue. - Author: M.E. Kerr
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#19. Can you do Division? Divide a loaf by a knife - what's the answer to that? - Author: Lewis Carroll
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#20. A slice is a loaf to a mouse. - Author: Matshona Dhliwayo
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#21. As he heard me approach, he quickly leaped up, grabbing a nearby loaf of bread and holding it in front of him as if struck by a sudden desire to make a sandwich. - Author: Sarah Dessen
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#22. It is the human things that make life good, the unexpected kindness, the friendly note, the bracing word, the neighbour's extra loaf of bread she leaves at our back door. - Author: Stevie Ray Vaughan
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#23. If you push me, I'll shove, I'm masculine. When she wants to play rough, I'm masculine. - Author: Meat Loaf
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#24. Yet in a society of conflicting interests the only democratic way in which matters can be improved is through politics, and politics means the compromising of extremes in order to achieve that notorious half loaf which the passionate and the outraged never find sufficient. - Author: Gore Vidal
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#25. I think it's an actor's responsibility to change every time. Not only for himself and the people he's working with, but for the audience. If you just go out and deliver the same dish every time ... it's meat loaf again ... you'd get bored. I'd get bored. - Author: Johnny Depp
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#26. "She can't do Subtraction." said the White Queen. "Can you do Division? Divide a loaf by a knife-what's the answer to that?" "I suppose-" Alice was beginning, but the Red Queen answered for her. "Bread-and-butter, of course." - Author: Lewis Carroll
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#27. Do you bake bread at home? Try to make a loaf of Wonder Bread. Just try. Believe me, you can't do it. No home baker can. You'd need a laboratory and millions of dollars of equipment to achieve such a remarkably bland creation. American mass-market beer is exactly the same thing. It's undead. - Author: Garrett Oliver
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#28. I like to see a man obeying a woman," Father Pyrlig said as I fetched the loaf.
"Why's that?" I asked.
"Because it means I'm not alone in this sorry world. - Author: Bernard Cornwell
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#29. 'Hell in a Handbasket' is not dealing with the political nature of the country. It's dealing with the humanity and the compassion of the world. - Author: Meat Loaf
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#30. There's no explanation for success. Success just comes out of life. - Author: Meat Loaf
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#31. If the thrill is gone, it's time to take it back. - Author: Meat Loaf
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#32. You believe stealing is wrong, but if your family was starving and could not afford bread, wouldn't you say it's okay to steal a loaf to feed them? - Author: A.J. Darkholme
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#33. I love my children and care greatly for their future. If they decide they just want to loaf around for a bit between the ages of 16 and 25, that's perfectly fine by me. I did it, and I'm doing fine, thanks. Sometimes 'leaving kids to their own devices' is the best thing for them. - Author: John Niven
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#34. After eating the world's bread, we wake each morning to remember: We are still hungry. Seek a better loaf. Eat, and never die. Taste, savor, and be filled forever. - Author: Calvin Miller
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#35. Michael lifted a menu from a stack on the counter and opened it. 'What's meatloaf?' I get the meat part, but a loaf of it? - Author: Justin Cronin
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#36. That's what spies do, right? They walk to the bakery and buy a loaf of bread everyday - perfectly normal - until one day they buy a loaf of uranium instead. - Author: Robin Sloan
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#37. He's not a food fascist," I say, feeling an immediate need to defend Eric. "He just ... cares about nutrition." "He's Hitler. If he could round up every loaf of bread and put it in a camp, he would. - Author: Sophie Kinsella
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#38. A lot of actors, they know the camera's there, and if somebody moves around or makes noise or whatever then they get all distracted, but I pretty much lock in. You can't distract me too much. - Author: Meat Loaf
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#39. The paramedic called the press and sold me like a loaf of bread. This was news, and he wanted to be the one to report it. - Author: Charlie Sheen
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#40. Though it's cold and lonely in the deep dark night, I can see paradise by the dashboard light. - Author: Meat Loaf
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#41. I never fit in. I am a true alternative. And I love being the outcast. That's my role in life, to be an outcast. - Author: Meat Loaf
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#42. Despite disappointments, the Christian is obligated to pray for the sick because we are bidden to do so and because the crumb of our caring is but a morsel broken from the whole loaf of the Father's infinite and tender love. - Author: Catherine Marshall
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#43. My life's far too complicated to be summed up in one song. It would take 20 just to represent one single day. - Author: Meat Loaf
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#44. I don't think it's a black and white issue. If a man's family is starving so to speak, I don't think I'll hold it against him for stealing a loaf of bread. - Author: Zach Braff
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#45. Just ask anybody who is getting old - everything starts hurting. For me, it's my shoulders, thumbs, knees and feet. - Author: Meat Loaf
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#46. Rock n' Roll came from the slaves singing gospel in the fields. Their lives were hell and they used music to lift out of it, to take them away. That's what rock n' roll should do - take you to a better place. - Author: Meat Loaf
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#47. Do I believe in God? I did until Mother's accident. She fell on some meat loaf and it penetrated her spleen. - Author: Woody Allen
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#48. Any man who's not willing to take half a loaf in a negotiation, well, that man never went to bed hungry. - Author: Lyndon B. Johnson
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#49. I don't know what it is about food your mother makes for you, especially when it's something that anyone can make - pancakes, meat loaf, tuna salad - but it carries a certain taste of memory. - Author: Mitch Albom
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#50. We may not be able to get certainty, but we can get probability, and half a loaf is better than no bread. - Author: C.S. Lewis
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#51. I know the territory, I've been around. It'll all turn to dust, and we'll fall down, and sooner or later you'll be screwing around. - Author: Meat Loaf
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#52. That's the way. Lay me down like a stone, O God, and raise me up like a loaf,' he muttered as he lay down, pulling his coat over him. - Author: Leo Tolstoy
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#53. It's like people call me a rock star or this or that. And I go, 'Don't call me that. I don't think of myself in those terms. If you have to call me anything, call me a chameleon. - Author: Meat Loaf
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#54. The meat loaf is coming right up, dear," she told Gabe. "Meat loaf surprise. - Author: Rick Riordan
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#55. Don't loaf and invite inspiration; light out after it with a club. - Author: Jack London
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#56. The satiated person and the hungry one do not see the same thing when they look upon a loaf of bread. - Author: Rumi
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#57. To offer a man friendship when love is in his heart is like giving a loaf of bread to one who is dying of thirst. - Author: Frank Frankfort Moore
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#58. How often have I held back my complaint: Why should the Lebanese homeland be incompatible with Palestine? Why should the Egyptian loaf be incompatible with Palestine? Why should the Syrian roof be incompatible with Palestine? Why should Palestine be incompatible with Palestine? - Author: Mahmoud Darwish
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#59. This, however, is sure: nothing is really lost. Any influence for good, no matter how ephemeral, makes its mark: it helps to leaven the loaf of evil: it leaves a loophole, albeit a small one, for a future escape from bondage. - Author: Horace Annesley Vachell
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#60. And, more important, for all those years that I was sure that boys could tell when I had a loaf-of-bread-size maxi pad going up the back of my pants, they actually had no idea. - Author: Tina Fey
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#61. I hate sandwiches at New York delis. Too much meat on the sandwich. It's like a cow with a cracker on either side. "Would you like anything else with the pastrami sandwich?" "Yeah, a loaf of bread and some other people!" - Author: Mitch Hedberg
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#62. I never got that show - Les Miz. It's about the French guy, right, who steals a loaf of bread, and then he suffers for the rest of his life. For Toast. Get over it! - Author: Paul Rudnick
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#63. Not all of us are painters but we are all artists. Each time we fit things together we are creating - whether it is to make a loaf of bread, a child, a day. - Author: Corita Kent
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#64. If you want my views of history, there's something you should know. The three men I admire the most are Curly, Larry, and Mo. - Author: Meat Loaf
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#65. Adrian had a Guinness because I guess he felt like drinking a loaf of bread or something. That's what it smelled like, anyway. - Author: Cherie Priest
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#66. I know you're looking for a ruby in a mountain of rocks, but there ain't no Coupe de Ville hiding at the bottom of a Cracker Jack Box. - Author: Meat Loaf
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#67. I'm a rock singer, but I love soul, I love blues, and I love theatrical stuff, too, like theatrical rock like Queen and Meat Loaf. - Author: Caleb Johnson
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#68. I have one weakness: I love meat loaf. - Author: Jackee Harry
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#69. A slice of bread eaten is a million times more nourishing than a loaf of bread imagined. - Author: Mokokoma Mokhonoana
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#70. One who provokes a person by speaking has only called to the surface the passion that was already there. The person who becomes disturbed is like a rotten loaf of bread, which looks all right outside, but inside is mouldy, so that if anyone breaks it its rottenness appears. - Dorotheos - Author: Dee Pennock
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#71. I cut a loaf of bread, and there wasn't any bread, Is this an omen? - Author: Miguel
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#72. A good loaf of bread and a simple bottle of wine can work wonders. - Author: Gisela H. Kreglinger
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#73. There has storm clouds come over the United States, - Author: Meat Loaf
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#74. Come, eate thy fill of this thy God's white loaf. It's food too fine for Angels, yet come, take and eate thy fill. It's Heaven's Sugar Cake. - Author: Edward Taylor
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#75. If you guessed a loaf of white bread and a jar of Miracle Whip, you should run out and play the lottery right now because you are a genius. White - Author: Glozell Green
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#76. He will not lose his loaf who has taken care at once to eat it, neither can he be deprived of the benefit of the doctrine who has already acted upon it. - Author: Charles Haddon Spurgeon
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#77. A loaf of bread, a jug of wine, and thou. - Author: Omar Khayyam
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#78. The whole world always burns," said Loaf. "Or it floods. Or some insect eats the crop and you starve. Or a disease ravages the wallfold, killing nine out of ten, and the survivors eat the dead. Every baby you have dies eventually, no matter what you do. Yet we have babies and we try to go on. - Author: Orson Scott Card
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#79. Some days I pray to the God of sex and drums and rock and roll. - Author: Meat Loaf
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#80. The real culprits are those who created a system that makes it dangerous to work and safe to loaf. - Author: Thomas Sowell
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#81. A wasted youth is better by far than a wise and productive old age. - Author: Meat Loaf
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#82. Work/Loaf Ratio" ... I have spent fourteen years perfecting ... I won't bore you with a long-winded explanation of the "W/LR" save to say that it is an algebraic formula of such complex numeric subtlety that it can be understood only by mathematicians and hobos. - Author: Gary Reilly
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#83. When you're tired, you rationalize. You make excuses in your mind. You say, "I'm too tired; I'm bushed; I can't do this; I'll loaf." Then you're a coward. - Author: Vince Lombardi
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#84. At my age, I don't buy but a half a loaf of bread, you know? - Author: Merle Haggard
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#85. Better is half a loaf than no bread. - Author: John Heywood
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#86. [Completely bored by a country weekend, wiring to a friend:] For heaven's sake, rush me a loaf of bread, enclosing saw and file. - Author: Dorothy Parker
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#87. Walking in the dark streets of Seoul under the almost full moon. Lost for the last two hours. Finishing a loaf of bread and worried about the curfew. I have not spoken for three days and I am thinking, Why not just settle for love? Why not just settle for love instead? - Author: Jack Gilbert
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#88. As most people know, I am a vampire, so I have no reflection. Every day, I paste a picture of someone else on the mirror. - Author: Meat Loaf
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#89. The baby's body lay in a bassinet. He was the size of a half loaf of bread, his bones light as a bird's and stretched with thin skin. - Author: Jodi Picoult
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#90. As the Almighty God, Jesus is high, but when He came to us as food He was lowly. He was a loaf of bread. He was even the crumbs under the table (Matt. 15:21-27). The very Jesus who came to us as life in the form of food was not tall and great; He was small and lowly. - Author: Witness Lee
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#91. I lean and loaf at my ease ... observing a spear of summer grass. - Author: Walt Whitman
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#92. I got sick of the dough, and thought I'd go on the loaf. - Author: Curly Howard
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#93. I'd lie for you and that's the truth. - Author: Meat Loaf
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#94. Who am I, why am I here? Forget the question, someone give me another beer. - Author: Meat Loaf
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#95. It is a deed of greater charity to give a bit of bread to the poor in the time of high prices and famine, than a whole loaf in the time of fertility and abundance ... - Author: Christine De Pizan
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#96. He remembered that right after that, he had stolen a loaf of bread from a delicatessen counter and had taken it home and devoured it, feeling that the world owed a loaf of bread to him, and more. - Author: Patricia Highsmith
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#97. A crumb from God is better than a loaf from the devil. - Author: Matshona Dhliwayo
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#98. A man will seek to express his relation to the stars; but when a man's consciousness has been riveted upon obtaining a loaf of bread, that loaf of bread is as important as the stars. - Author: Richard Wright
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#99. Don't loaf around and wait for inspiration. Light out after it with a club, and if you don't get it, you will get something that looks remarkably like it. - Author: Jack London
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#100. My mother never met a gadget she didn't like. There were tube pans for baking the angel food cakes my father could have after his first heart attack, and Bundt pans and loaf pans and baking pans and grilling pans. - Author: Janet Fitch
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