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#1. And it struck me that maybe True magazine had been wrong. Maybe there are no New Men. Maybe there are only the living and the dead, and all those who are living deserve each other and are equal to each other. - Author: Miranda July
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#2. I love 'Gossip Girl.' I used to hang out with Blake Lively and Jessica Szohr. I'm also addicted to Bravo and reality shows like 'Top Chef.' - Author: Jessica Stroup
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#3. The soul of a young girl should not be left in the dark; later on, mirages that are too abrupt and too lively are formed there, as in a dark chamber. - Author: Victor Hugo
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#4. She looked pretty lively for a girl obsessed with death. - Author: Marlene Perez
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#5. Either Christ is a liar or war is never necessary, and very properly assuming that Christ told the truth, it follows that the State is without [in the words of Father Macksey] 'judicial authority to determine when war is necessary,' because it is never necessary. - Author: Ben Salmon
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#6. I went straight from high school to 'Gossip Girl,' and both were very structured, scheduled environments, so I never had freedom to explore and carve my own path. - Author: Blake Lively
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#7. I had a lot of friends in high school, but I was never the wild party girl. Never have been, never plan to be! - Author: Blake Lively
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#8. After my first year on 'Gossip Girl,' everybody said, 'You've got to do a big commercial movie, ride this wave.' - Author: Blake Lively
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#9. Every married man who wants peace in the relationship, should learn the trick to avoid that one question - 'How is the food?' - Author: Emraan Hashmi
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#10. I should hardly call her a lively girl - she is very earnest, very eager in all she does - sometimes talks a great deal and always with animation - but she is not often really merry. - Author: Jane Austen
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#11. I liken myself to a little girl having a tea party at the house all of the time. I actually dress up more in my home than I do walking down the street just because it is so much fun to play dress up. - Author: Blake Lively
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#12. It is also very engaging - and a delight - to go back to Bangladesh as often as I can, which is not only my old home, but also where some of my closest friends and collaborators live and work. - Author: Amartya Sen
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#13. She was the sort of girl called "bonny" - not beautiful, but lively and nicely made, with something about her that took the eye. - Author: Diana Gabaldon
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#14. I think it's very attractive when people cook. So I don't wear sweatpants. When you dress sexy to cook, too, it's like, damn, I got a girl who can cook and look like that? And I always have really cute aprons. - Author: Blake Lively
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#15. The girls who come into my library adore the prettiness of fairies, theminiature-ness. But they are also nature lovers and lovers of adventure
the future wild women of America. I couldn't help thinking that these little girls who love fairies deserve something lively. - Author: Laura Amy Schlitz
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#16. Sometimes Felicity is as much a mystery to me as the location of the Temple. She is spiteful and childish one minute, lively and spirited in the next; a girl kind enough to bring Ann home for Christmas and small enough to think Kartik her inferior. - Author: Libba Bray
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#17. My day begins a little before 6 A.M. I never set an alarm clock. - Author: David H. Murdock
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#18. Through, like the kind that spring up on the most perfect summer days, tossing the leaves of the trees and flowing past like heavenly water. A divine breeze. It changed everything, shifting the world around me into an even higher octave, a higher vibration. Although I still had little language - Author: Eben Alexander
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