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Top 9 Live Like A Boss Quotes

#1. A lot of my friends growing up were hunters, but I spent all my time on the ice hurting actual humans playing hockey. I never had the chance to run through the woods and shoot at a moose or deer. I was shooting pucks at goaltender's heads. - Author: Kevin Durand
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#2. On stage, I find anger at the unfairness of the world easily. - Author: Jessica Raine
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#3. Put an asshole on a plane in Boston an asshole gets off in Seattle - Author: Stephen King
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#4. What I know about poker, you can fit into a thimble with room left over, but I'm learning. - Author: Wilford Brimley
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#5. With friends like these, who needs hallucinations? - Author: John Astin
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#6. speak to young men about the weather, meals, clothing, and their relatives. Avoid conversation concerning politics, finance, or religion. Though a gentleman may bring up such topics, and a lady must follow where a gentleman leads, a skilled lady will return the conversation to an appropriate topic. - Author: Laila Ibrahim
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#7. I don't want my girl to be so skinny she can knife me with her knee. - Author: Mark Twain
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#8. You ever choke a man out with his own shirt?"
"What kind of question is that?"
"A yes or no one. - Author: Todd Morr
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#9. The city was a vast and stationary carousel, forever boarded by millions of would-be passengers who took their seats, waited and then dismounted. - Author: J.G. Ballard
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