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Top 17 Little Sissy Quotes

#1. Underneath that facade, I'm a terrified little sissy, just like everybody else. But I never let it show.

Harry Hay

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#2. The poet represents the mind in the act of defending us against itself.

Wallace Stevens

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#3. Anytime an artist puts your name in a song, it's unbelievable. It never gets old.

Dwyane Wade

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#4. Our room has two beds. If this had been a movie, [the hotel] would have been full so we would have had to share a bed. Why doesn't stuff like that happen in real life?

Nyrae Dawn

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#5. I would mimic what I saw in Grease and Guys and Dolls in front of my mom's mirror and I would practice voices and songs. When you put me alone in a room, that's what I would do.

Elizabeth Olsen

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#6. I don't want a pickle, just want to ride on my motorsickle.

Arlo Guthrie

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#7. If you think shrinking government and getting it less involved in your life is a hallmark of tyranny it is only because you are either grotesquely ignorant or because you subscribe to a statist ideology that believes the expansion of the state is the expansion of liberty.

Jonah Goldberg

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#8. I was sort of a sissy as a little kid.

Sanford I. Weill

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#9. Music is such a powerful fundraising tool and it's so easy for me to share that and it's such a light.

Jason Mraz

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#10. I'm nervous when taking part in any movie.

Jamie Campbell Bower

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#11. I've always been a people-watcher, and as an actor, later, I just mined all those little details.

Sissy Spacek

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#12. ... smart, funny, sweet, nice to his family, good looking in an adorable kind of way.

Penny Reid

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#13. I know now what matters, and it is not what I have lost. It is my memories. Wounds heal. Love lasts. We remain.

Kristin Hannah

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#14. Jingle taps on the majorette boots were an important part of a little girl growing up in the South.

Sissy Spacek

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#15. Perhaps it's just that people, wherever they live on the globe, somehow share the same visions or fantasies. It's in our nature, wired into the hard drive, so to speak. Despite all the differences, sooner or later, we still come up with the same answers. - Harry Hole

Jo Nesbo

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#16. Texas is just so rich with characters. Women who live alone in a little house on a thousand acres with nothing but cattle and a pickup truck. And an airplane.

Sissy Spacek

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#17. Though the past haunt me as a spirit, I do not ask to forget.

Felicia Hemans

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