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#1. I like the songwriting. I don't ever listen and then go back and change stuff. For me when I wrote the song, it's always really fun and exciting. - Author: Christopher Owens
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#2. I've had this song in a drawer for a long time, maybe seven or eight years. Every time I'd do an album, I'd take it out and listen to it, and always liked what it had to say. Plus when Garth came in and sang on it, that made it really special. - Author: Chris LeDoux
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#3. If you hear a song that makes you cry and you don't want to cry anymore, you don't listen to that song anymore. - Author: Jay Asher
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#4. Most of our stuff was trial and error. You live with a tape recorder, you turn it on, you play the song and you listen to it. - Author: Levon Helm
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#5. If you say, 'I listen to pop,' you picture this kind of perfect, colorful, polished song. I want to have that, but when you open it, you see this gritty dark - kind of like dancing your tears away. Disguise the sadness in a pop beat. - Author: Tove Lo
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#6. I don't see the songs as uplifting, but rather as trying to make lemonade from lemons, or whatever. When I listen to them, I understand the context. I don't like to pepper songs with my own experiences, though. - Author: Patrick Stump
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#7. Look. Listen. Use ears I'd be proud to call our own. Listen to the silence behind the engines' noise. Jesus, Sweets, listen. Hear it? It's a love song.
For whom?
You are loved. - Author: David Foster Wallace
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#8. Listen, sweet Dove, unto my song, And spread thy golden wings in me; Hatching my tender heart so long, Till it get wing, and flie away with Thee. - Author: George Herbert
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#9. My best album is called In Search Of A Song. That was my best shot right there. My finest hour, as they say. I could listen to the whole thing all the way through. There's nothing really crammed into it. - Author: Tom T. Hall
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#10. Listen to the Beatles' 'Things We Said Today.' Ringo Starr does not play a fill in the entire song. It doesn't need it. 'A Day In the Life' has gorgeous fills, but there, the song needs it. When I play on any record, I'm striving to get where Ringo is. You play what doesn't take you out of the song. - Author: Benmont Tench
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#11. I try not to listen to other music. I have to keep my mind open for what's coming in as a songwriter. If I go into the gas station and pay for gas, whatever song was playing when I was in there is in my head for the next few days and I can't change the channel. - Author: Mark Farner
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#12. So them who can't learn from a tale about critters, just ain't got the ears tuned to listen."
-Uncle Remus in Disney's Song of the South - Author: Jim Korkis
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#13. When I listen to them, they're like they were made as time capsules in the first place. You know that when you're writing the song and recording the song, you're already sending a message to the future listener, whoever and wherever and whenever that will be. - Author: Will Oldham
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#14. 'Paper Planes' by M.I.A. is very catchy. I like that, but I listen to everything from rap to Lenny Kravitz to Coldplay, depending on my mood. And my favorite song of all time is 'Always and Forever' by Heatwave. - Author: Keshia Knight Pulliam
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#15. In a song you can shine a light on a topic and with your voice at a concert you can shine a light on an actual issue or a person, you can acknowledge whatever you like with music and people will listen. - Author: Jason Mraz
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#16. if he was going to flirt so openly with a skank who wore enough hair spray to thin the ozone a good two inches, then he could have at it. I had better things to do with my time than watch him. For example, I needed to put the song "Jolene" on repeat and listen to it about a thousand times. - Author: Darynda Jones
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#17. I care so much about making things that are useful for people to have and listen to, but I don't care so much that I won't do whatever the hell I want. It's just one of those things. - Author: Regina Spektor
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#18. I hate how all the hip hop bands of today will put crazy sound effects into their songs. You know what I mean, like a police or ambulance siren in a tune? Because I could own the CD, I could listen to it 50 gamillion times in my car - I still fall for it every time. - Author: Doug Benson
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#19. If there's a song where there's a possibility of guitar stuff that would be fun to listen to, go for it. Don't worry about what anybody thinks. - Author: Brad Paisley
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#20. The song succeeds or fails just based on whether you argue your point successfully. I like throwing images together, which create meaning if you listen to it one time, but if you listen to it another time you might get a different meaning. - Author: Iron & Wine
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#21. A good song is a nice set of chords and some good lyrics; a great song is a song that reinvents itself over time. That you can always find something interesting in the more you listen to it - it keeps revealing something to you. - Author: Bryce Dessner
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#22. With a pop album you can listen to one or two songs from it, but a music album is really an experience. It's not something a whole lot of rock bands do. - Author: Dylan Baldi
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#23. During recording, the most important thing of all is to "sing sincerely" from the heart. When you guys listen to my songs and able to feel my sincere singing, I will be very happy. - Author: Daesung
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#24. I'm definitely a guitar player, but it's the last thing I listen to in a song, after the singer and the drums. - Author: Dan Auerbach
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#25. Some things a heart won't listen to, I'm still holding out for you - Author: SHeDAISY
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#26. There are people I'll always love to listen to, and I'm always ending up discovering new songs by them, which is crazy. Like Stevie Wonder. - Author: Neil Armstrong
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#27. Every now and then, I might listen to music, but I try not to listen to it too much because when you turn on the radio and hear the same song over and over again. You won't appreciate it as much; it won't be as fresh. - Author: Chamillionaire
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#28. When I write, I'm writing as a fan, and trying to come up with songs that I would want to listen to. - Author: Matt Smith
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#29. That is the difference between a good song and a bad song lyrically - if you can listen to it and put yourself in that place, or see that person in that place, normally it is a pretty good song. - Author: Ne-Yo
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#30. Now listen for your song. Everybody's got a song. When I used to chase the Trane - John Coltrane that is - he used to tell me, 'If I know a man's sound, I know the man.' Do you hear the melody playing in your mind? Does it move you, nudge you off your seat? - Author: David Mutti Clark
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#31. Sometimes I listen to '60s or oldies stations to see if they're going to play a Beach Boys song. - Author: Mike Love
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#32. Are we biology or God or something higher? I know my heart beats and I listen to it. The beat is biology, but what is the song? - Author: James Frey
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#33. It's difficult for me to describe my own music; every song is an experience that I set to music. There's no lyrics, no singer, just instruments, but I'm sure you can feel what the song is talking about just by listen to it. I can't describe a feeling, my songs are feelings. - Author: Marilou
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#34. My philosophy for producing a record is for everyone involved, including myself, to get out of the way of the song, and at the same time, listen to it as closely as you can, and listen to where the song wants to go. - Author: M. Ward
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#35. Being in L.A. has definitely given me the opportunity to experience how my music sounds in real life because I can drive around and listen to the mixes, which I couldn't do in New York. I get to feel how a song works in combination with a sunset and a drive through the mountains. - Author: Dave Sitek
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#36. I had never killed myself before, so I had no idea what would I want to listen to when it was too late for me to skip to the next song. Like, maybe when you're dying, you actually want to hear something really upbeat. - Author: Leila Sales
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#37. If you listen to a language for 15 minutes, you know the rhythm and song. - Author: Sid Caesar
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#38. You can fill this table up with people who are racist, homophobic, Satanist worshippers, sexist and we can be arguing but if you put on a song, I guarantee that people will stop and listen and that's what I love about music, it can bring people together. - Author: Charles King
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#39. I just felt like I'd rather listen to even the worst metal song more than most current pop music. - Author: Brian Posehn
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#40. What a good session musician does is listen to the song, to the artist, and to the other players. That way you can help bring out the song and help the artist express what they want to express. It's never about you stepping out and showing you can play something fancy. - Author: Benmont Tench
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#41. My music is rock. I listen to Red Hot Chili Peppers and I listen to one of my songs, and if I don't give you the same emotion, then I go back and re-spit. - Author: Kanye West
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#42. Someone is assigned to not only hear your heart's song but will strum your heart strings melodically. Listen with your heart. - Author: Sanjo Jendayi
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#43. When you listen to my music, you hear that there are all these voices going on in different parts of the song. That's because I was always around so many voices in church. - Author: Valerie June
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#44. Their song reminds me of a child's neighborhood rallying cry - ee-ock-ee - with a heartfelt warble at the end. But it is their call that is especially endearing. The towhee has the brass and grace to call, simply and clearly, "tweet". I know of no other bird that stoops to literal tweeting. - Author: Annie Dillard
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#45. Listen little Songkeeper, the voice whispered, and I will sing you a Song. - Author: Gillian Bronte Adams
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#46. I am so crazy with my music taste and I'm so ... I mean, I'll listen to a song. I'll become obsessed with it and then I'm on to the next one. It's just very inconsistent. - Author: Taylor Lautner
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#47. What you're really after when you see a film or listen to a song is a singular vision, and I'm not sure how much of that you really get in Hollywood. - Author: Nick Cave
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#48. I think anything you listen to is going to be different. You're going to listen to a song differently if you're just sitting around somewhere listening on your phone as opposed to sitting in a dark room listening to a vinyl album. It's going to be a totally different experience. - Author: Brendon Urie
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#49. There is one true history And one true future. Listen well, For the child sprung from misery Will be the one to bring hope. From the weakest will come strength. From the hunted will come freedom. - Song of Venda - Author: Mary E. Pearson
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#50. I've bought DBSK's CD and every time I listen to their songs I feel very good. - Author: Seungri
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#51. To understand the song of life, listen to the melody of wind and ocean and watch the dance of waves and water. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#52. I listen to all of my Dutch happy-hardcore songs from my raving techno days when I was about 14. It's the most horrible music ever. I think it's some kind of muscle memory that brings me back to when I was 14. It makes me bounce around the gym quite happily. - Author: Lara Stone
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#53. I was a B.I.G. fan. I like all of his stuff. I don't really have a favorite song. They all are good, and each brings different memories to me. And you can still listen to it to this day and it means something. - Author: Martin Lawrence
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#54. When you listen to an album, it shouldn't feel like, "That's the girl song," "That's the club song." I shouldn't know what you're thinking while you're making the song. I don't want to know what the artist is thinking. - Author: Jay-Z
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#55. My audience is a huge part of my success, so I see us as a team. They send me tons of song requests every day. Some of the songs I've never heard before, but I listen to them and then pick the ones that I love. - Author: Lindsey Stirling
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#56. I just don't think people listen. I mean, they can't listen to a whole album closely without checking their iPhone or wanting to skip to their favorite song, or putting something else on, practically. That's why the zone out is a good thing. - Author: Stephen Malkmus
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#57. What I really miss these days in music - is the music. I prefer to listen to melodies and songs, not just sounds. - Author: Dave Grohl
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#58. Sometimes when you have a song, you listen to it and say, 'It's OK. It's music to drive to.' But then there are songs where you can actually hear it as a movie. - Author: Betty Wright
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#59. I would say a great song [is where] you like everything in the song. The lyrics move you, the beat makes you want to dance and you feel invincible when you listen to that song. A good song I think you can listen to but you get tired of it really fast. - Author: Aino Jawo
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#60. I always have on my headphones to block out all of the other distractions and I'm just focused on doing the best that I can ... There a few of them ... DMX Party Up ... Mack 10 BC and Ice Cube Connected for Life. I also listen to the Eminem CD ... whichever song really gets me going that night - Author: Michael Phelps
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#61. I listen to Helmet - and I love Helmet, they're a great band - but every song sounds the same. - Author: Adam Jones
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#62. A lot of people listening to music now don't listen to the songs or lyrics at all. They just go, "Good tones ... " and that's it. - Author: Alex Scally
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#63. Self-consciousness is a stoppage because it is like interrupting a song after every note so as to listen to the echo, and then feeling irritated because of the loss of rhythm. - Author: Alan W. Watts
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#64. I always used to love singing. The first song I knew all the words to was 'Girl of My Best Friend' by Elvis. My dad introduced me to his music, and when I got given a karaoke machine by my granddad, my cousin and I recorded a load of Elvis tracks. I wish I still had them so I could have a listen. - Author: One Direction
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#65. A new song begins, and in the dark, we listen, letting lyrics about love and suffering and hope fall over us. - Author: Autumn Doughton
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#66. I want people to listen to the lyrics of each song and absorb the music fully before they look at me and make a judgment about what they think my music will or should sound like. - Author: Darren Fletcher
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#67. Watch a movie that makes you laugh or listen to a song that makes you cry. Embrace your emotions and be proud of what you feel. - Author: Demi Lovato
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#68. The melody is the most important thing that must stay in the minds of the people who listen to you. No matter how many notes you play, you can't let them forget what the song is. - Author: George Benson
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#69. I think most bands probably peak on their first album. We peaked on our third album. On the first album, I feel like I wish the production was a little better. I'll always hear a song I don't like. I look for what I could have done to make it better. It's always difficult for me to listen. - Author: Johnny Ramone
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#70. I'm weird - I don't really listen to American music while I'm writing. I do occasionally get an anthem song, but generally speaking, when I write, I only listen to Japanese and Hawaiian music. - Author: Violet Duke
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#71. But listen well. In Tir na nOg, because there is no sorrow, there is no joy.
Do you hear the meaning of the seachain's song? - Author: Alexandra Ripley
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#72. You want to have a song that people will listen to and go, 'Oh, yeah! That reminds me of something in my life,' or, 'something I'm currently going through,' or maybe something happens later and you hear the song and go, 'Wow! That really was telling a story that I can relate to now.' That's my hope. - Author: Pegi Young
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#73. How sweet the harmonies of the afternoon!
The Blackbird sings along the sunny breeze
His ancient song of leaves, and summer boon;
Rich breath of hayfields streams thro' whispering trees;
And birds of morning trim their bustling wings,
And listen fondly
while the Blackbird sings. - Author: Frederick Tennyson
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#74. When you listen to someone's songs, their soul comes through. - Author: Matt Ross
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#75. Now no one will listen to songs. The prophesied days have begun. Latest poem of mine, the world has lost its wonder, Don't break my heart, don't ring out. - Author: Anna Akhmatova
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#76. I don't doubt love for a second. I'm living for love. Listen to my songs! - Author: Madonna Ciccone
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#77. Let us be silent to listen to the heart's songs of eternity. Let us be kind to feel the beauty of tranquility. Let us vanish to belong and be nothing. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#78. Some people buy records just to dance to 'em. Some people buy records to listen to the radio. And there's people that buy records 'cause they listen to every song. - Author: DMX
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#79. The first song that made me interested in music was 'Oh, Pretty Woman' by Roy Orbison. It was the guitar intro, that riff, that I really liked and made me listen in a different way. - Author: Geddy Lee
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#80. I just listen to so much music that I like the role music can play in scoring something. I'm not doing song parodies or funny songs, I'm just adding some music to my words. So it's limited and specific, but as a performer I find it pretty enjoyable. - Author: Demetri Martin
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#81. Standing still at dusk
Listen ... in far distances
The song of froglings! - Author: Yosa Buson
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#82. Liz [Gillies] doesn't really listen to anything new, besides Adele, Ariana Grande, and stuff like that. She loves '70s music and old '60s songs. She loves songwriters from the '70s that I hate, like Jim Croce and James Taylor, and she loves Stevie Nicks and old jazz classics. - Author: Denis Leary
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#83. I don't really listen to rock music anymore. But were I to write a song that sounded like it could be a rock song, I'd probably give it to the Pornographers, and I'd be excited to try to make it work. - Author: Dan Bejar
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#84. I know a lot of actors who live with kind of a soundtrack in their lives, even to go to the market. I'm not that kind of actor. I don't listen to songs. I actually like quiet. - Author: John Cena
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#85. It's hard to say a favorite song of my father's. I listen to all his stuff - a lot of the old stuff before the '70s. - Author: Ziggy Marley
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#86. The rain picks up outside. It hits and slams against the window, but I think it sounds like music
a light mix of tambourine and cymbals. The wind sounds like a guitar, all low, melancholy notes. Thunder takes the drums. I'm quiet as I listen to the song. - Author: Katie Kacvinsky
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#87. Be silent and listen to the song of your soul. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#88. I always show love to the local record stores because they actually listen to me ... They know the songs on my cds. They look like me, straight out the hood. They know whats hot and what is on they shelf. - Author: Webbie
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#89. Listen to the river sing sweet songs to rock my soul. - Author: Jerry Garcia
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#90. If you thought Stairway to Heaven was a long song, dear god you should listen to it played on a lute. - Author: Bill Engvall
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#91. Most people don't listen to classical music at all, but to rock-and-roll or hillbilly songs or some album named Music To Listen To Music By ... - Author: Randall Jarrell
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#92. Listen carnales listen to the hymn of it, the lie of it, the prayer of it, the voices singing our names: listen it's our story, it's our song, - Author: Luis Alberto Urrea
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#93. You could listen to Woody Guthrie songs and actually learn how to live ... - Author: Bob Dylan
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#94. What's funny for me is that I made a lot of the music I make with intentions of it being a song you listen to, to chill out. - Author: Flume
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#95. I make up cassettes all the time - to take on the road with me - a song from this album, a song from that album. That's the way I listen to music; it's like one of those K Tel things: it's from all over. I listen to Fred Astaire, I listen to African folk music, I listen to Talking Heads. - Author: Robert Palmer
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#96. To me, music's something I can dance to or listen to. To write about it is always more of what the music represents, or what it reflects. Like an ideal song, to me, is a song that you can dance to, that summons up some darker and greater mystery. - Author: Nick Tosches
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#97. The music, I think, is just as important as the lyrics; it portrays the emotion of the song. I play the kind of music that I want to listen to. - Author: Courtney Barnett
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#98. Take a deep breath, listen to your favorite song and realize everything is gonna be okay, nothing is permanent. - Author: Camila Cabello
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#99. Future's Pluto is my favorite album of the year. It's so emo. Future is the number one dude I'd love to produce for - every time I listen to the song he did with Rihanna, "Loveeeeeee Song", I'm like, "I should have produced that." - Author: Ryan Hemsworth
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#100. To understand the song of love, listen with your heart. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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