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Top 16 List Of Famous Love Quotes

#1. I just want to bring the world together. Togetherness is what I want for this planet.

Michael Jackson

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#2. For I bring not a religion ... but a Person, who loves people, who died for them on the cross. For Jesus died for the sins of the whole world and He will not that any one should perish. He understands every single individual.

Corrie Ten Boom

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#3. In films of terror, it's often not about being graphic. Or if there is a graphic image, it's extremely swift. Everyone talks about the shower scene in 'Psycho,' but that's the only graphic scene in the entire film.

Charles Roven

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#4. Rather than make peace with John Adams, he was ready, if necessary, to blow up the Federalist party and let Jefferson become president. The

Ron Chernow

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#5. A Polish guy locked his keys in the car. It took an hour to get his wife out.

Henny Youngman

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#6. People die ... so love them every day.
Beauty fades ... so look before it's gone.
Love changes ... but not the love you give.
And if you love, you'll never be alone.


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#7. My relationship with God is as strong as the time and energy I put into connecting with God.


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#8. When life knocks you down and you land on your knees, you are in the best position to pray.

Mitch Kynock

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#9. Mormons were the first settlers. Not sure Joseph Smith would approve of today's topless showgirls and liquor. Though he would like the volcano at the Mirage. Everybody likes the volcano.

A. J. Jacobs

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#10. Before I die I'd love to see my name on the Famous Bi Polar list I'm not ashamed of my Illness I believe most of my talent comes from it.

Stanley Victor Paskavich

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#11. Sometimes that happens. Children can be your heartache. But that doesn't matter, you have to go on and have them," she said. "It works out.

Barbara Kingsolver

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#12. I'm no alcoholic. I'm a drunkard. There's a difference. A drunkard doesn't like to go to meetings.

Jackie Gleason

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#13. As business moves forward, you realize that God has his hand on the whole business and that he brought people to you who are like-minded. It starts with faith.

Richard DeVos

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#14. Your chest is surprisingly hairy.'
'I hope I can't say the same thing about you.

Gemma Burgess

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#15. The most attractive habitats for synthetic sentience might be the vicinities of exceptional sources of energy - for example black holes, or even the neighbourhoods of large stars, which routinely boil off the energy of ten thousand suns. These are the destinations they may seek.

Seth Shostak

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#16. Thoughts and feelings are suspended in a vacuum unless they instigate and feed the selected actions, and it is the characters actions which reveal the character in the play.

Uta Hagen

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