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Top 12 Lindsay Weir Quotes

#1. I would much rather have you believe in something I don't agree with than to accept everything blindly. - Author: Adil Hussain
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#2. For passion, like crime does not sit well with the sure order and even course of everyday life. It welcomes every loosening of the social fabric, every confusion and affliction visited upon the world, for passion sees in such a disorder a vague hope of finding advantage for itself. - Author: Thomas Mann
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#3. Sometimes I am afraid for people like you who have to know things. Your kind will dig and hunt and worry at it until one day you will find what is hidden, waiting for you. - Author: Isobelle Carmody
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#4. If you realized that the nurtured spiritual part of yourself would accompany you on your eternal journey and that everything else you have labored so hard to accumulate would vanish the instant you depart this world, would it alter your daily agenda? - Author: Walter Cooper
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#5. Cinderella was made for more than sweeping the floor. - Author: Beth Moore Jones
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#6. We waited on the plaza
while the band wondered what to play
at a time like this - something
to console or wake the world,
or simply to please themselves. - Author: Ron Slate
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#7. None of us are ever who we were yesterday. - Author: William James
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#8. Customers must be delicately angled for at a safe distance - show yourself too much, and, like trout, they flashed away. - Author: Mary Augusta Ward
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#9. A man living without conflicts, as if he never lives at all. - Author: Confucius
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#10. Be careful,' Irene warned Miri. 'All boys want the same thing.'
So do girls, Miri thought. - Author: Judy Blume
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#11. It is almost as if the Greeks, at a time when they were about to disappear from history, wished to avenge themselves for their own incomprehension by imposing on a whole section of mankind the limitations of their own mental horizons. - Author: Rene Guenon
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#12. If he's like a lot of men, he'd rather be a murderer than a fool. - Author: Tom Robbins
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