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#1. Oh boy, when you're with me. Oh boy, I want the world to see that you were meant for me. - Author: Buddy Holly
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#2. I was at a point where I was ready to say I am what I am because of what I am and if you like me I'm grateful, and if you don't, what am I going to do about it? - Author: Anne Bancroft
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#3. Gloria Steinem said it best: "You can't do it all. No one can have two full-time jobs, have perfect children and cook three meals and be multi-orgasmic 'til dawn ... Superwoman is the adversary of the women's movement."5 - Author: Sheryl Sandberg
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#4. Cat Steven's song Wild World: Oh Baby, baby, it's a wild world, it's hard to get by just on a smile, Oh baby, baby, it's a wild world and I'll always remember you like a child. - Author: Jennifer Connors
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#5. I don't function without a heart, he said angrily and then
added under his breath as he grabbed at the front of his Tshirt,
He's right here. - Author: Giselle Ellis
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#6. Love is an expression of power. We can use it to transform our world. - Author: Ericka Huggins
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#7. Wow," Mira said, looking around, "super fun."
"When do they bring out the pig's blood and dump it on the head of the awkward girl with telekinetic powers?" Sebby asked.
"Not until ten, I think."
"Well, what are we supposed to do until then? This was not well planned. - Author: Kate Scelsa
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#8. To aspire to be superhuman is a most discreditable admission that you lack the guts, the wit, the moderating judgment to be successfully and consummately human. - Author: Aldous Huxley
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#9. I will vote adamantly against the interests of my district if I actually think what I am doing is going to be helpful. - Author: Eric Massa
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#10. Fitting in is the greatest barrier to belonging. - Author: Brene Brown
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#11. Saying 'I could have done more,' Zin, is what marks a man as a man and not a God. - Author: R. Scott Bakker
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#12. I like my first lines short and declarative. No complicated sentences. Of course, that's not really a Scott thing. It's pretty classic grab-the-reader technique. - Author: Scott Westerfeld
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#13. Literary men are ... a perpetual priesthood. - Author: John Keats
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#14. Honestly, the world can be a dark enough place. Light it up. - Author: John Barrowman
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#15. She is a selfish, hypocritical woman, and I have no opinion of her. - Author: Jane Austen
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