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Top 34 Life Vegetables Quotes

#1. Chemistry, in its application to animals and vegetables. Endeavours jointly with physiology to enlighten us respecting the mysterious processes and sources of organic life. - Author: Justus Von Liebig
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#2. Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds if green vegetables smelled as good as bacon. - Author: Doug Larson
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#3. I grew up around hunters. I love guns, bows, arrows, compasses and binoculars. I don't do any of that stuff, I just like the stuff. I shot one animal, in my life, and I didn't like it. If I had to skin an animal to eat it, I'd probably eat vegetables. - Author: Tim Allen
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#4. Sleep is a state in which a great part of every life is passed. No animal has yet been discovered, whose existence is not varied with intervals of insensibility; and some late philosophers have extended the empire of sleep over the vegetable world. - Author: Samuel Johnson
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#5. I know when you think about the South, you think about fried foods, but we eat a tremendous amount of vegetables. I have my own garden, so vegetables have always been a big part of my life. I love broccoli. I love fresh beets. It's not all about the fried chicken and the biscuits. - Author: Paula Deen
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#6. Hey! D'you guys hear Dr. Atkins died? Slipped on some ice, hit his head, died on life support. The man who invented the all-meat diet ... died a vegetable. That's a damn good joke. But that joke's like a Toyota Camry - reliable, not inspiring. - Author: Christopher Titus
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#7. Like the French, he starts babies off on vegetables and fruits rather than bland cereals. He's not obsessed with allergies. He talks about "rhythm" and teaching kids to handle frustration. He values calm. And he gives real weight to the parents' own quality of life, not just to the child's welfare. - Author: Pamela Druckerman
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#8. Revolutions are like the most noxious dungheaps, which bring into life the noblest vegetables. - Author: Napoleon Bonaparte
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#9. I've never dieted in my life; I like food too much. I'm just thoughtful about what I eat, and I'm lucky that I love the taste of vegetables. I'm certainly not 'actress skinny,' and I never will be. I'm strong, and my body works great for me. - Author: Sarah McLachlan
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#10. On the show, we are not trying to get people to eat their vegetables; we are not trying to get people to become Democrats. We are basically trying to encourage people to get involved with public life so that politics isn't left to the wealthy and privileged. - Author: Martin Sheen
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#11. Women find ways to give sense and meaning to daily life
ways to be useful in the community, to keep mind active and soul growingeven while they change diapers and cook vegetables. - Author: Lillian B. Rubin
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#12. Life is like eating artichokes; you have got to go through so much to get so little. - Author: Tad Dorgan
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#13. I still have a Gypsy sense of adventure. I don't think I have slept in the same bed for more than three or four months my whole life. I am always planting vegetables that I never get to eat and flowers that I never see flower. I have always moved around the world. - Author: Helen Mirren
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#14. The kitchen, reasonably enough, was the scene of my first gastronomic adventure. I was on all fours. I crawled into the vegetable bin, settled on a giant onion and ate it, skin and all. It must have marked me for life, for I have never ceased to love the hearty flavor of raw onions. - Author: James Beard
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#15. Now air is the cause and spirit of every life and motion in the world, be it in flesh or in any of the vegetables; all whatever is hath its life from the air, and nothing whatsoever that moveth and is in this world can subsist without air. - Author: Jakob Bohme
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#16. If your blood is formed from eating the foods I teach [fruits and green-leaf vegetables] your soul will shout for joy and triumph over all misery of life. For the first time you will feel a vibration of vitality through your body (like a slight electric current) that shakes you delightfully. - Author: Arnold Ehret
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#17. In my life I see no difference between making pots, cooking and growing vegetables. They are all so related. However, there is a need for me to work in clay. It is so gratifying and I get so much joy from it, and it gives me many answers in my life. - Author: Toshiko Takaezu
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#18. When it comes to cooking and eating, I always try to preach that life is about moderation. Even if I'm having beef for dinner, it's probably going to be a 3-4 ounce portion with heaps and heaps of vegetables. - Author: Michael Symon
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#19. I enter into each planet, and by My energy they stay in orbit. I become the moon and thereby supply the juice of life to all vegetables. - Author: Gopi Krishna
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#20. The nature of human beings is to eat meat and fruits and vegetables, and therefore we have to kill animals. I don't have a problem with that. But it's a sacred moment. It's a gift of life. - Author: Eric Ripert
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#21. My life at home is super simple. My local bar with my mates, cooking for my mother, making tables, planting vegetables: It's the classic idea of the artistic existence. - Author: Glen Hansard
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#22. My happiest hours are those in which I think nothing, want nothing, when I do not even dream, but lose myself in some spurious vegetable torpor, moss growing on the surface of life. Without a trace of bitterness I savour my absurd awareness of being nothing, a mere foretaste of death and extinction. - Author: Fernando Pessoa
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#23. Make sure you eat healthy food. You can have the occasional treat, but you also need to balance your diet with foods such as meat and vegetables. It will prevent you from getting colds and enable you to train and to do whatever you want in every day life. - Author: Jenny Meadows
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#24. Expose them {your kids} to the widest variety of vegetables and fruits, showing them how good things can be in season. Tasteless fruits and vegetables won't win them over for life. - Author: Mireille Guiliano
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#25. I want to encourage people to make healthy life choices, whether it's training for a half-marathon, or eating more vegetables. - Author: Kina Grannis
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#26. I have no time for boiled sausages, or boiled vegetables of any nature really, and cannot for the life of me comprehend why anyone would still insist on serving dishes whose whole cooking process consisted of exposure to water, to freely invited guests. - Author: Claire North
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#27. My life is a series of Hollywood orgies and Kabbalah center brunches with the cast of Friends. At least that's what my handlers tell me. I'm actually too valuable to live my own life and spend most of my days in a vegetable crisper to remain fake news anchor fresh. - Author: Jon Stewart
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#28. I love fresh fruit and vegetables. I'm not a strict dieter. I don't think that anything in life should be so regimented that you're not having fun or can't enjoy like everybody else. Just know that fresh food is always going to be better for you. - Author: Carrie Ann Inaba
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#29. Eat lots of fruit and vegetables, and live your whole life in every way as well as you can: exercise regularly as part of your daily routine, avoid obesity, don't drink too much, don't smoke, and don't get distracted from the real, basic, simple causes of ill health. - Author: Ben Goldacre
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#30. I enjoy domestic life. Cooking gives me great pleasure, especially if I can chop vegetables slowly and think about what I'm doing and dream a little about this and that. - Author: Siri Hustvedt
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#31. Man, who preys both on the vegetable and animal species, is himself a prey to neither. He too possesses the reproductive principle far beyond the degree requisite for the bare continuance of his species. What becomes of the surplus of human life to which this principle is competent? - Author: James Madison
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#32. We need radical dietary improvement, and the earlier in life that change is made, the better. Just following a vegan diet or eating a few more vegetables is not enough. - Author: Joel Fuhrman
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#33. may have lived on Abnegation bread and vegetables for most of my life, with nothing to spare, but I was never that desperate. - Author: Veronica Roth
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#34. I was never interested in monuments or official sights; I was always drawn to the secret energy of a place contained in its teahouses or on the street, shorelines, and forests. I wanted to spend the whole day watching a man sell vegetables so I could know a bit of his life. - Author: Boyd Varty
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