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Top 12 Life Partners 2014 Quotes

#1. Abstruse and mystic thoughts you must express With painful care, but seeming easiness; For truth shines brightest thro' the plainest dress. - Author: Wentworth Dillon, 4th Earl Of Roscommon
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#2. The human body is essentially something other than an animal organism. - Author: Martin Heidegger
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#3. I never was so rapid in my virtue but my vice kept up with me. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
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#4. We each have words for "love" in our languages. What would the world look like if we acted on that one word for humanity's sake? - Author: Julie Saffrin
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#5. Other than the fact that I like a country house, I can't think of anything I'd want to spend my money on. - Author: Guy Ritchie
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#6. The most skillful flattery is to let a person talk on, and be a listener. - Author: Joseph Addison
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#7. Because we are human, because we are bound by gravity and the limitations of our bodies, because we live in a world where the news is often bad and the prospects disturbing, there is a need for another world somewhere, a world where Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers live. - Author: Roger Ebert
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#8. The intricate engraving, fine lines, beading and milgrain accents echo an era defined by elaborate embellishments. - Author: Vera Wang
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#9. Every library should try to complete on something, if it were only the history of pinheads. - Author: Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.
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#10. Do you really want to put yourself through this? Is loving me really enough to endure everything you have to just to be with me?"
Meeting his fiery gaze, I ran my fingers through his hair, kissed him gently before I attempted to set us both free.
"It will always be enough. - Author: Rachael Wade
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#11. All that crap about love and fairness and doing something with your life, Bruno ... Those are luxury problems. The CEO's wife can go around worrying about that stuff. People like us from the projects have to play by a different set of rules."

George Hanson
In The Shadow of Sadd - Author: Steen Langstrup
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#12. For me, temptation is life and I have a gargantuan appetite for everything. - Author: Felix Dennis
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