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Top 16 Life Has Two Faces Quotes

#1. For me 'Dune' was a dream - a big dream! - Author: Alejandro Jodorowsky
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#2. It was a peaceful, sunny death, a sleep without end in the calm of the countryside. - Author: Emile Zola
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#3. According to history, he wrote of humans originally having four arms, four legs, and a single head made up of two faces." I stared awkwardly at him. "But, in fear of their power, Zeus split them all in half, condemning them to a life of searching for their other half... - Author: K.A. Poe
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#4. pharmacology of its class. A good grasp of the use of specific agents to target specific bacteria leads to - Author: Donna Coffman
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#5. I worked with my coach to develop some new spiral variations to make my program more interesting. Each one is different and you'll have to wait until January to see them. - Author: Sasha Cohen
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#6. Each and every one of us, at the end of the journey of life, will come face to face with either one or the other of two faces ... And one of them, either the merciful face of Christ or the miserable face of Satan, will say, "Mine, mine." May we be Christ's! - Author: Fulton J. Sheen
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#7. Everybody faces obstacles. And I looked to people who had been through many to succeed in life. Abraham Lincoln, born to a poor family, faced defeat through most of his life. Lost eight elections, failed two businesses, had a nervous breakdown, and still became president. - Author: Dave Winfield
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#8. She cursed her gender. Nobody would have dared attack her if she had been a man. - Author: Stieg Larsson
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#9. And if Henry Higgins is not the most reprehensible character ever written for the stage, that's only because somewhere, somehow, someone is composing a musical biography of Ronald Reagan - Author: Steve Kluger
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#10. You might be surrounded by clouds, but you'll be like sunshine to me. - Author: Richelle Mead
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#11. Variability is the law of life, and as no two faces are the same, so no two bodies are alike, and no two individuals react alike and behave alike under the abnormal conditions which we know as disease. - Author: William Osler
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#12. You told me a love story. I honestly believe your parents wanted the best for you, but their love almost destroyed your life. If Our Lady, as she appeared in my grandmother's painting, was treading on a snake, that indicates that love has two faces. - Author: Paulo Coelho
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#13. The ultimate meaning to which all stories refer has two faces: the continuity of life, the inevitability of death. - Author: Italo Calvino
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#14. The world has two faces :
The day or the bright moment when
we naturally stay alive (awake).
The night or the dark moment when
we naturally remain dead (sleep). - Author: Rohan Nath
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#15. How often it happens in life that a man has one thing in his heart and another upon his lips, and wears two faces at one and the same time! - Author: John Of Kronstadt
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#16. Who's the clown in life, the one with the two faces and characters or the persons who Laugh about them? - Author: Jan Jansen
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