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#1. The first night he slept with her, he took a washrag and a jug of wood alcohol to get rid of her makeup, saying he wanted to know what he was getting into. - Author: Mary Karr
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#2. Looting is a natural response to the unnatural and inhuman society of commodity abundance. It instantly undermines the commodity as such, and it also exposes what the commodity ultimately implies: the army, the police and the other specialized detachments of the state's monopoly of armed violence. - Author: Guy Debord
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#3. The books we read change over the years as new books come out and they change over the grades. Books we are reading in fifth and sixth grade now may have been seventh and eighth grade books in the past, or the other way around. - Author: Brian J. White
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#4. If you shoot, I will kill her before I die."
Yes," Kitai said in a patient tone. "Which is why I have not shot you. Yet. - Author: Jim Butcher
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#5. The industrial stomach cannot live without coal; industry is a carbonivorous animal and must have its proper food. - Author: Jules Verne
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#6. Solitude is never lonely. It is rather a sanctuary where one learns to draw wisdom from the company of self. - Author: Zohreh Ghahremani
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#7. One of the greatest listeners I know is Bob Tishman. That has probably had the greatest impact on my life than any other thing. - Author: Jerry Speyer
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