Top 14 Letterheads Quotes

#1. The difference between regulated architects and unregulated designers is, unlike buildings, letterheads don't fall down and kill people.

Brian Webb

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#2. The last word should be the last word. It is like a finishing touch given to color; there is nothing more to add. But what precaution is needed in order not to put the last word first.

Joseph Joubert

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#3. Knowledge is the essence of organized information systems. Wisdom is the essence of knowledge and experience.

Debasish Mridha

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#4. Happiness is salutary for the body but sorrow develops the powers of the spirit.

Marcel Proust

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#5. I think "HALLELUJAH" translates into "HALLELUJAH" in every language out there.

Matt Chandler

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#6. Most mothers think that to keep young people away from love-making it is enough never to speak of it in their presence.

Madame De La Fayette

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#7. When you let it go with love, but without expectations, it is forever yours.

Debasish Mridha

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#8. Such an unforgiving spirit will certainly hinder your prayer. No matter how hurtful the offence might be, God still holds you responsible to forgive for the fact that God Himself has forgiven you of all your sins.

Victor Oludiran

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#9. There's no love more intense than the love we have for our kids - and where there is intense love, there is also intense fear lurking beneath the surface.

Arianna Huffington

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#10. So along with that is spending a lot of time with the ball. For me it was, I loved to juggle the ball in my front yard, and I always challenged myself - how many juggles can I get today? I think for players to get better, it's just about spending the time.

Brandi Chastain

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#11. You can love a monster, it can even love you back, but that doesn't change its nature. This isn't Beauty and the Beast where my kiss would transform the monster to a prince. If anything, it's Shrek, and his kiss brings out the ogre in me.

Eliza Crewe

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#12. Have you ever found in history, one single example of a nation, thoroughly corrupted, that was afterwards restored to virtue? And without virtue there can be no political liberty.

John Adams

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#13. Soon it's all going to be digital anyway. It's all going to be saved on a little coin somewhere.

Richard Donner

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#14. Oh, to be in England now that April's there.

Robert Browning

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