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Top 16 Lethargique Quotes

#1. There's something special about her. When she helped me with her touch-"
"Exactly what was she touching that was so memorable for you?"
"Watch your mouth.

Michelle Rowen

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#2. The novel I am constantly writing is always the same one, and it might be described as a variously sliced-up or torn-apart book of myself.

Robert Walser

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#3. In choosing not to be a beast, I discovered my humanity. I became autodidactic, self-educated - a critical thinker.

Stanley Williams

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#4. The great advances in science usually result from new tools rather than from new doctrines.

Freeman Dyson

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#5. The words ending in Ique do mocke the Physician (as Hectique, Paralitique, Apoplectique, Lethargique).

George Herbert

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#6. Global consciousness is that thing responsible for deciding that pots containing decaffeinated coffee should be orange.

Danny Hillis

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#7. Wit, wit! - I look upon it always as a draught of air; it cools indeed, but one gets a stiff neck from it.

Katharina Elisabeth Goethe

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#8. And they've got to be held accountable; our broadcasting system has to be made accountable; and unless it is, it's going to be very hard to change anything else for the better in this country.

Robert McChesney

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#9. Not everyone can understand your language like using "BTW", "BRB", "SAA" and many other such type of short words.

Deyth Banger

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#10. I have these realistic dreams and snap wide awake in the middle of the night. And for a while I can't work out what's real and what isn't ... That kind of feeling. Do you have any idea what I'm saying?

Haruki Murakami

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#11. There is no weapon in the feminine armory to which men are so vulnerable as they are to a smile.

Dorothy Dix

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#12. It was primary election, but [Donald] Trump hasn't spent a lot of money. Not compared to - I mean, Jeb Bush had a $115 million super PAC, and he has six delegates. It's not a dream, but it's something I do think about.

Rush Limbaugh

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#13. The Central American isthmus is a region of great contrasts, but also of heartening unison. Millions of men and women share dreams of freedom and progress.

Oscar Arias

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#14. Deeply in my heart, do I want to believe that there is that special guy that is for me. Yes, absolutely.

Guy Branum

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#15. This world is inescapably linked to the motions of the worlds above. All power in this world is ruled by these options.


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#16. On my first day on the set of 'Boston Legal,' I thought the director was calling me 'Candice' instead of 'Constance.' But I didn't realize he was actually talking to Candice Bergen.

Constance Zimmer

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