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Top 88 Less Stressful Quotes

#1. Ank froze. The moaning became more stressful and a little bit louder. "I think its coming from the basement."
Without warning, Ank grabs a pool stick and starts banging on the floorboards. "Would you shut up! It four o'clock in the morning and people are trying to get their beauty sleep! - Author: Khalia Hades
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#2. From my experience, meditating can bring up the most stressful thoughts. - Author: Mike White
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#3. As confusing, unpredictable and stressful as life may be, always remember, it is never incorrect to be kind. When lost, just do nice things. - Author: Sean Plott
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#4. Being president of the United States is the most stressful, thankless job in the world and Margaret can't fathom why anyone would voluntarily pursue it. - Author: Elin Hilderbrand
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#5. I work hard, and managing an inventory-based business can be extremely stressful. The upside is that, as long as I get my job done, I can take time off pretty much any time I want. - Author: Anne Taintor
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#6. In the past, human society provided encouragement and opportunity for people to extend support to each other, especially in highly stressful situations. - Author: Daisaku Ikeda
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#7. When you look at a flower with an appreciative heart and get lost in the magical beauty, you really get a vacation from the everyday stressful life. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#8. If you have the choice between the right thing and the wrong thing, the right way is always less stressful. - Author: Jennifer Lawrence
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#9. Behind every stressful thought is the desire for things to be other than they are. - Author: Toni Bernhard
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#10. I can't see anyone coming out, because the players feel it is no one's business. We all stick together. We're a very tight group. It would be too hard for just one person to do, too stressful. And why should it make a difference? The LPGA is about golf. - Author: Hollis Stacy
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#11. I recommended meditation to every person as a foundation for living healthier, being a more loving person, and leading a less stressful life! - Author: Tim McCarthy
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#12. We need stressful days in order to be happy. We need days when we get zero sleep and are working tirelessly on a deadline. Because if we didn't, the lazy days wouldn't feel good ... We need to always be working towards something in order to feel useful and have a sense of purpose. - Author: Ryan O'Connell
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#13. Nature; it always inspires me. Living in New York, it can get quite stressful sometimes, so on the weekends, I like to go hiking. - Author: Valentina Zelyaeva
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#14. Some people say that in stressful situations I can seem unflappable, and I think that's partly because I'm always kind of internally flapped. - Author: Scott Stossel
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#15. There aren't many great adverts for marriage or parenthood. It always looks so stressful, and that's what I've been scared of. What you don't realise is how much you're going to get back. - Author: Robbie Williams
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#16. Maybe I am a bit unusual here, but I am less stressed if I have my phone with me. Because I can spend like an hour in the morning taking care of everything instead of I sit there and wonder what I missed or wonder what's happening. So it's way less stressful for me to just answer my phone. - Author: Sam Altman
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#17. My fitness routine includes things that are not stressful on my body - swimming, yoga, stretching, and rebounding. When I used to kill myself in the gym, it had an adverse effect on me because my body would be so stressed out and constantly in fight-or-flight mode. - Author: Laura Prepon
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#18. We start our sometimes tedious, sometimes exciting, often times sad and stressful march to the grave the moment we're born, so it might as well be a march worth remembering. - Author: Donna Lynn Hope
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#19. I've been extraordinarily fortunate that I've been able to go live a very active, stressful life. And I don't believe that my heart disease changed me for the worst. - Author: Dick Cheney
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#20. I don't think I realised how stressed I was, being a single parent. It was really, really stressful. It's not easy on anybody. - Author: Reese Witherspoon
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#21. Fixing a hole is far more effective than trying to hide it. That approach is also less stressful than constantly worrying that attackers may find the vulnerabilities. - Author: Gordon Fyodor Lyon
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#22. Working a job I love is mentally less stressful than punching in a clock everyday, but it's a lot busier. - Author: Lee DeWyze
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#23. Then she thought bitterly that it would be much easier to resist chocolate if her life were less stressful. - Author: J.K. Rowling
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#24. It's stressful to keep doing audition after audition after audition. You finish one and go to the next one, and you have to learn lines. For me, I have to work on my accent, so I was getting accent coaching and acting coaching. I wanted to make good impressions. - Author: Luke Mitchell
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#25. The more survival skills an individual has that have been practiced physically and otherwise, the better odds they have for those skills coming to the forefront during a stressful emergency. - Author: Cody Lundin
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#26. Musical auditions are always the worst because you have to sing and act, and that's so stressful. - Author: Jonathan Groff
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#27. Human beings in stressful relationships will frequently behave in ways that contradict or even reverse their own most certain expectations. - Author: Donald Antrim
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#28. The author says this socially respectable option NOT to parent has actually made parenthood more stressful. The knowledge that parents have chosen that role allows for unrealistic buildup of expectations and unavoidable second-guessing. - Author: Jennifer Senior
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#29. Dance is such a stressful environment. - Author: Mia Wasikowska
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#30. I can't imagine anything more stressful than monogamy. - Author: Errol Flynn
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#31. I don't think it's possible to have a wedding without it being stressful! - Author: Debra Messing
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#32. Stressful energy arises when you think some future moment is more important than the present moment, and the doing becomes only a means to an end. - Author: Eckhart Tolle
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#33. It's definitely different in the States. Americans are much different people compared to us. We're much more laid back. I itch to get back to Australia every summer because it's so fast paced there and so stressful. - Author: Andrew Bogut
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#34. I'm totally grateful for the fans my family has and I have; they gave me a lot of support when I was in treatment. But it was just odd, you know? It's stressful. Just the whole fact of being someone in the public eye. - Author: Jack Osbourne
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#35. May answers come to me by easeful attraction rather than stressful pursuit, and may all beings benefit from these inquiries. - Author: Gay Hendricks
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#36. The purpose of forgiveness is not to make sure that someone ends up changing into what you expect them to be, as this is dominance. The purpose is actually to make your own life better, more worthy and less stressful. Forgiveness reduces the hold that the wrongdoer has over you and empowers you. - Author: Stephen Richards
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#37. The more practice you have, the less stressful writing is. - Author: Edwidge Danticat
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#38. While being overworked can be overwhelming, research increasingly shows that being underworked can be just as challenging. In essence, boredom is stressful. - Author: Anonymous
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#39. Even though it was a stressful time in my life, I have a lot of good memories from my 'Idol' experience. - Author: Jessica Sanchez
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#40. Living as a richer person among the poor is very stressful - Author: Michael Booth
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#41. The reality is that life, for all of us, is pretty stressful and we all need ways to cope. - Author: MC Yogi
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#42. People who experience negative or stressful emotions on an ongoing basis are less healthy and live shorter lives. - Author: Tony Robbins
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#43. Ambiguous loss is considered by social scientists to be one of the most stressful kinds of loss owing to its nature: it is the loss that happens without possibility for closure. - Author: Sonya Lea
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#44. Courage means to keep working a relationship, to continue seeking solutions to difficult problems, and to stay focused during stressful periods. - Author: Denis Waitley
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#45. I am more of a New Yorker than ever and just actually, sometimes I fantasize about living somewhere else, where it's maybe not quite so crowded or stressful, blah, blah, blah and after September 11th, I guess I could just not imagine living anywhere else. - Author: Sigourney Weaver
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#46. This book is about cultivating habits that let you become organized enough to get results for your students and to make your life more fun and less stressful. - Author: Maia Heyck-Merlin
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#47. Because people develop ADT in an effort to cope with the stresses in their lives, and because the symptoms actually help them in the short term, the symptoms are "sticky" and may solidify into firm habits, even when life slows and becomes less stressful. - Author: Edward M. Hallowell
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#48. The time leading up to the 1996 Olympics was the most demanding and stressful of my career. The sport I had loved so much was slowly becoming a nightmare as I trained with Bela and Marta Karolyi the summer before the Olympics. - Author: Dominique Moceanu
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#49. Exercising and eating properly will build your physical and mental strength to endure the stressful situation. - Author: David H. Murdock
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#50. When I do something that's stressful, I have to find a moment of peace, so I tend to meditate and get in the flow. It's a regular practice of mine. - Author: Carla Hall
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#51. What was a problem was the excessive amount of media attention to the appointment of the first woman and everything she did. Everywhere that Sandra went, the press was sure to go. And that got tiresome; it was stressful. - Author: Sandra Day O'Connor
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#52. Michael had always thought that seeing ghosts was stressful. Those wandering spirits were nothing compared to whatever women had going through their heads at all odd hours of the day. - Author: Jacqueline E. Smith
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#53. I'm making a great effort because sometimes life is not enjoyable. Sometimes it's painful and sometimes it's stressful, sometimes it's agonizing even, so I think once you get around those humps: strive for pleasure and peace. - Author: Morgan Freeman
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#54. I definitely get nervous about if I'm going to forget the words to the songs or something. And I don't enjoy being the center of attention for an hour straight - I think that's really stressful. - Author: Bridgit Mendler
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#55. Well, let's see, I found out Pagan has low blood sugar and becomes a complete b
witch if she doesn't eat a candy bar during a stressful moment. - Author: Abbi Glines
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#56. Anytime I can go fly for a few hours, I go. It's stressful and stress-relieving at the same time. - Author: Hunter Hayes
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#57. I forgot how much I loved going to class, actually. But I also forgot what having school homework feels like: stressful! - Author: Karlie Kloss
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#58. In my latter years I've decided that there's too much to keep track of when you go into the lying game. That becomes stressful and it's not for me anymore. - Author: Max Greenfield
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#59. The golf swing is among the most stressful and unnatural acts in sports, short of cheering for the Yankees. - Author: Brad Faxon
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#60. Fashion is a very stressful place to work because of the demands of doing the shows - no one expects a writer to produce two books a year on the dot - but it's also a very toxic place to work. - Author: John Galliano
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#61. Just as a stressful life can make you depressed, continuing exposure to stressors maintains depression. - Author: Jonathan Rottenberg
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#62. you'll know you're hitting a groove when grocery shopping becomes less stressful and more focused (you actually have a list and no real reason to veer from it). - Author: Kate Payne
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#63. I don't think a director should have any kids. I don't even think it's good for your physical health. Even guys in their 30s look exhausted because directors never get enough sleep. What I do is stressful enough. - Author: Tom Berenger
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#64. Pre-Christmas is very important, and it is stressful, and, you know, even in the biblical story ... travelling on the donkey in a stressful environment. - Author: Michael Leunig
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#65. If that was stressful for you, then did you ever think that maybe you made a mistake? That maybe you shouldn't have rejected me? And maybe you should give this thing a chance? - Author: Courtney Cole
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#66. At any time of the day, corduroy is a highly stressful fabric. Rent collectors wear it. Tax collectors, too. History teachers add leather elbow patches. - Author: Zadie Smith
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#67. Rather than understand the original cause-a thought-we try to change the stressful feelings by looking outside ourselves. - Author: Byron Katie
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#68. Ever since I was little, I've felt very comfortable on a set. The time is stressful - being creative under time constraints. But there is an excitement and energy that you only have a certain amount of time to get what you want. - Author: Sofia Coppola
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#69. There's a lot of reasons you can think of to say why you act, but I can only say that it just felt good. At the same time, it felt really painful. It's still troubling and stressful to me. - Author: Skeet Ulrich
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#70. Comedy is important! When you're having a stressful day, and you come home, you want to watch something that makes you laugh. - Author: Michael Cudlitz
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#71. Then again, the urge to commit matricide was stressful as shit-when you couldn't act on it. - Author: J.R. Ward
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#72. It's probably fair to say that Obama's ideas were too big for America's appetite. It would have been nice had he made a few incremental repairs to the economy and left the transformative events for a less stressful time. - Author: Kathleen Parker
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#73. However, the more stressful my situation is, the less I think about it, or anything related to it. At present , I thought about how the elevators were like mechanical horses, and I wondered if anyone loved them or named them. - Author: Penny Reid
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#74. Once you get used to people giving to you as much as you give to them and receive all of the benefits of a less stressful life, you will not consider putting yourself last. ~Amanda Owen - Author: Amanda Owen
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#75. There are a lot of differing opinions on that. Some people think you should change out more, but I think changing just 20 percent is less stressful on the aquarium and fish. Once you get used to the regimen, it's pretty easy. - Author: Brian K. Vaughan
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#76. Couples that do save have stronger, more stable, less stressful unions. In other words, you don't want to be fighting about saving; you just want to be saving, period. - Author: Jean Chatzky
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#77. We entered a vast, bottomless silence. I scrambled for better conversation topics. This all would have been far less stressful in the movie version of our lives. The long silences would have been edited out. - Author: Catherine Lowell
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#78. There is nothing better than getting something in front of an audience in a less stressful setting than previews! - Author: Michael Patrick Walker
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#79. I can only imagine how difficult it must be for someone facing racial or social prejudices to add autism to their list of struggles. It might be less stressful and at times, easier, to ignore the autism. - Author: Liane Holliday Willey
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#80. After years of pitched battles, my father was ready for a significantly less stressful career. Unfortunately, he decided to try raising a girl. - Author: Brian K. Vaughan
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#81. When you're young, you try to meet that expectation that people have of you. It can be very stressful. But with time it's become less of problem. - Author: Catherine Deneuve
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#82. Still, Kasab seemed lucky to Abdul. "They will probably beat him lots in the jail," Abdul said one day, "but at least Kasab knows in his heart that he did what they said he did." That had to be less stressful than being beaten when you were innocent. The - Author: Katherine Boo
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#83. Directing was a natural thing for me. Actually, it was far less stressful directing than being the lead actor. I was able to have my input in all aspects of it. - Author: Michael Jai White
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#84. Forgive for your sake, if not for theirs. Those who can forgive live healthier, happier, and less stressful lives. - Author: Lori Palatnik
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#85. The growth stock theory of investing requires patience, but is less stressful than trading, generally has less risk, and reduces brokerage commissions and income taxes. - Author: Thomas Rowe Price Jr.
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#86. Personal growth by tackling the 'big-picture" through focusing on the things you have power to influence is more effective and less stressful. - Author: Archibald Marwizi
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#87. After a stressful event, we often crave comfort food. Our body is calling for more glucose and simple carbohydrates and fat... And in modern life, people tend to have fewer friends and less support, because there's no tribe. Being alone is not good for the brain. - Author: John J. Ratey
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#88. Be strong. Don't be a follower, and always do the right thing. If you have a choice between the right thing and the wrong thing, the right way is always the less stressful. - Author: Jennifer Lawrence
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