Top 9 Lenneth Valkyrie Quotes

#1. Those whom fortune has never favored are more joyful than those whom she has deserted.

Seneca The Younger

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#2. I almost never have a plan for myself ... I'm not ambitious in that way.

Martha Plimpton

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#3. Somehow all you ever need's never really quite enough.

Bruce Springsteen

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#4. Her thought encased in a cocoon of desire. She allows the streams of sunlight to warm the core of her being while she waits for metamorphous.

Truth Devour

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#5. Don't believe everything you think. Our minds are thought-creating machines. Most of these thoughts are fear-based. Our authentic self has the power to pick the thoughts that best serve us and those we lead.

Henna Inam

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#6. All politicians know that every 'temporary' political initiative promised as a short-term poultice stays on the books forever.

Cynthia Ozick

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#7. What?s wrong about eating cows? What do you think god made them for? Their big, their stupid, their delicious. You want more reasons? I never met an animal more prepared to die than a cow. Next time you go to the farm look at a cow in the eyes, it is begging you for a bullet.

Paul Rodriguez

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#8. You can have all the potential in world, but unless you have confidence, you have nothing.

Tyra Banks

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#9. Maybe you should...go."
"Why? You seemed so insistent that I train you."
"I can't concentrate with you around," I admitted "And go... far. I can feel you from a room away."
A suggestive curve shaped his lips.

Sarah J. Maas

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