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#1. A lot of people don't put the numbers together correctly. But Underworld, honestly, the way it came about - the real way it came about - I took a meeting with Dimension, and they were looking to do just a werewolf movie, and I wasn't too interested in doing just a werewolf movie. - Author: Len Wiseman
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#2. If I didn't care about doing right and didn't feel uncomfortable doing wrong, I should get on capitally. - Author: Louisa May Alcott
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#3. The majority of the world - including myself - we all have problems and difficulty in life, and life's messy. But there are great rewards in life, too. - Author: Eric Close
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#4. There are plenty of directors who work with the same actors over and over, many more times than I have. Like I have worked with Bill Nighy more times than I have worked with Kate, but I'm not married to Bill Nighy. - Author: Len Wiseman
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#5. Science fiction is an extension of science. - Author: Len Wiseman
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#6. When I started doing television, I thought that I would change the way that I shot, the way that I blocked, and the technical side of it. You're not going to change your relationship with the actors or how you approach the characters. That wasn't any different. - Author: Len Wiseman
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#7. Some people will always be disappointed. - Author: Len Wiseman
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#8. As society evolves, people are interested in a new take on an old beloved story. - Author: Len Wiseman
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#9. They have a lot of trouble with pronunciation, because they can't move their jaw muscles, because of malnutrition caused by wisely refusing to eat English food, much of which was designed and manufactured in medieval times during the reign of King Walter the Mildly Disturbed. - Author: Dave Barry
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#10. And I leave you now, not with sadness but with satisfaction and joy that we came together and walked, arm in arm, through this brief moment of eternity. Who could ask for more? - Author: Og Mandino
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#11. I'm used to comic books being reimagined, different takes on some of our beloved superheroes. - Author: Len Wiseman
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#12. So the question never comes up. I love to work with actors who I feel really confident in knowing what I'm going to get from them. And making a movie is such a risk that it's comforting to build up a good support team in production as well as cast. - Author: Len Wiseman
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#13. A lot of these movies are informed by the movies that come before them. - Author: Len Wiseman
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#14. With Die Hard it was just something that I, you know, I grew up with those movies. I made a Die Hard movie with my friends in my backyard during high school. It was terrible. - Author: Len Wiseman
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#15. It is in our nature to travel into our past, hoping thereby to illuminate the darkness that bedevils the present. - Author: Farley Mowat
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#16. I would love to travel to the future to plot out some things so there's no more guess work. - Author: Len Wiseman
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#17. I think television keeps on being a place where writers can go, and if they're successful, they can have their way, and they can have creative freedom. - Author: James L. Brooks
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#18. In mine, they were just trying to steal a briefcase of cocaine.* That's it. Some flour that I got out of my mom's cupboard. - Author: Len Wiseman
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#19. In the end,the rats didn't matter,not really,because I was in a place where Margo had been alive.I was in a place that saw her after I did,and the warmth of that made the minimall almost confortable. - Author: John Green
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#20. I was into comic books as a kid. - Author: Len Wiseman
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#21. When we are foolish God intervenes. - Author: Louie Giglio
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#22. Learning to love differently is hard, love with the hands wide open, love with the doors banging on their hinges, the cupboard unlocked, the windroaring and whimpering in the rooms. - Author: Marge Piercy
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#23. I had done 'Die Hard' and it was somebody's franchise. I actually just got done with the 'Hawaii Five-O' pilot and I was developing some things of my own. So 'Total Recall' one of those projects that I read wanting more not to like it. - Author: Len Wiseman
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#24. So I was drawing in a lot of the habit district in Brazil, put that together with an Asian influence, so there are a lot of different things in terms of architecture which assisted in the construction. Then every sci-fi movie I've grown up with from 'Blade Runner' to 'Aliens' and 'Star Wars.' - Author: Len Wiseman
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#25. My family is Mormon. I'm not Mormon, but my family is, and my mom was like, "You're doing a show called Lucifer?! But I will admit, he is handsome, so I'll watch it." - Author: Len Wiseman
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#26. I've worked with Len Wiseman before, on the 'Underworld' series, in which I was a vampire. The first two of those were his first two films. And I admire him beyond measure. I think he's tremendous, as a man and as a director. - Author: Bill Nighy
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#27. If you're very serious about writing it's helpful to find an agent. It's becoming more and more competitive to have your manuscript even looked at by an editor. Many companies don't accept unsolicited manuscripts anymore, so they'll pay more attention to something that comes in through an agent. - Author: Ann M. Martin
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#28. Your first loyalty is to me. Every moan on your lips, Every wet drop from your cunt. When the thought of fucking crosses your mind, it's mine. Say it. - Author: C.D. Reiss
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#29. Death moves about at random, without discriminating between the innocent and the evil, the poor and the rich. The only difference is that the poor usually handle it better. - Author: Ruskin Bond
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#30. The world is so empty and so loveless when there's no one in it to holler your name and holler you home. - Author: Stephen King
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#31. Ultimately, we are not subject to the conditions that confront us; rather, these conditions are subject to our decision ... we must decide whether we will face up or give in, whether or not we will let ourselves be determined by the conditions. - Author: Viktor E. Frankl
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#32. I just gravitate to movies where the mystery is the character himself. Any time you see a trailer of something where somebody is questioning 'Who am I?' I'm hooked. - Author: Len Wiseman
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#33. My family was too serious. They didn't take care of me - it was a very serious and severe life. Not severe in a bad way; just boring - like totally neutral. I felt no emotion. - Author: Miuccia Prada
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#34. Just movies in general. It's such a wonderful business as much as you feel, you are fine tuning your craft, every movie is a completely different challenge. Every fight sequence is different. Every action set piece. I enjoy that. - Author: Len Wiseman
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