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#1. You theoretically have so much more time at home, but you fill it with the minutiae that you somehow managed to avoid when you were working. - Author: Emily Giffin
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#2. A strange stillness had settled over him, as well, a waiting. The earth was shifting beneath him, and he had the hideous suspicion that his entire life was about to change if he didn't get out of there, now. Away from the unexpected, undeniable lure of the dowdy young woman in front of him. - Author: Anne Stuart
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#3. It is only by remembering that 'Another lives in me' that we can die daily to that old, false, usurping self, and that we can continue to be drawn further in and higher up into the life of God. To 'practice the presence' is to continually call to mind this great reality. - Author: Leanne Payne
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#4. When one lives in the midst of a lie long enough, it becomes a part of you whether you want to rationally accept it or not. - Author: Leanne Payne
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#5. The soul is restored through union with God. - Author: Leanne Payne
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#6. I'm astounded by people who take eighteen years to write something. That's how long it took that guy to write Madame Bovary, and was that ever on the best-seller list? - Author: Sylvester Stallone
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#7. The only technical things I know are treble, volume and reverb, that's all. - Author: Johnny Thunders
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#8. Listening to God - which is a key part of practicing His presence - is not a method, but a walk with a person. - Author: Leanne Payne
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#9. Those with a low view of the Bible should not attempt listening prayer, for it can lead into dangerous gnostic listening. - Author: Leanne Payne
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#10. The acknowledgment that God is always with us - even when we are least aware of it in our sensory being - requires discipline. To acknowledge the Unseen Real requires a concerted effort of our will at first. This is why the term practicing the presence is so useful. - Author: Leanne Payne
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#11. Fear is very often a part of the spiritual path. When people sit down and meditate it's not at all uncommon for fear to arise at some point. - Author: Adyashanti
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#12. Blue!' she exclaimed. 'Violet blue. What are they made of?' 'Summer skies,' I said, 'and plums and figs, and the grape-blood of emperors.' 'No, - Author: Vladimir Nabokov
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#13. The mechanical and social achievements of our day must not blind our eyes to the fact that, in all that relates to man, his nature and aspirations, we have added little or nothing to what has been so finely said by the great men of old. - Author: James Loeb
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#14. Kindness went out to play all on a summer's day. With her about many smiles came out and joined in sweet array. - Author: Sara Loo
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#15. True listening is obedient listening. To listen to God is to obey Him. - Author: Leanne Payne
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#16. It's not a secret family like I have a beautiful, gorgeous wife in Tokyo; I have another mom and dad. I'm the kid and I have another mom and dad in Atwater Village, Los Angeles; - Author: John Hodgman
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#17. While the secular world pushes woman to find her identity in herself as a sex object, the popular teachings in the Church, equally mistaken, encourage woman to find her identity in her roles as wife and mother rather than in her status as a person in Christ, a daughter complete in Him. - Author: Leanne Payne
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