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Top 12 Leaguers Quotes

#1. When sermons start where people live - their questions, struggles, and concerns - and then offer a timely and helpful word from the Scriptures, people are more interested in hearing what else the Scriptures have to say. - Author: Adam Hamilton
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#2. I bet you don't know what is the first thing Little Leaguers always ask me, 'How much money do you make?' - Author: Rocky Bridges
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#3. I think that France has not made it clear enough recently to our German friends how important it is to introduce euro bonds as a tool against speculation. And how the necessary budget discipline needs to be accompanied by growth. - Author: Francois Hollande
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#4. Today's Little Leaguers, and there are millions of them each year, pick up how to hit and throw and field just by watching games on TV. By the time they're out of high school, the good ones are almost ready to play professional ball. - Author: Mickey Mantle
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#5. I've faced more than 35 major leaguers, and only two have ever made contact against me. - Author: Jennie Finch
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#6. Americans eat more tomatoes than any other vegetable or fruit. ********************************* - Author: Jack West
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#7. I want to be known as a good major-leaguer, and good major-leaguers work to become good. - Author: Alex Rodriguez
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#8. I was two and a half and my folks would put it on the record player and I would run around the house screaming, but I haven't been that hip since. - Author: Leo Kottke
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#9. Grammar perfect books are for Ivy Leaguers in Ivory Towers. My book is a sandcastle built on the beach of usefullness. - Author: Jonathan Heatt
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#10. Thank you for life, and all the little ups and downs that make it worth living. - Author: Travis Barker
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#11. I've got to tell you right out of the chute, Ryan Howard, to me, is very interested in my input in his hitting. To me that makes me really feel good. We've chatted over the years about hitting. - Author: Mike Schmidt
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#12. A good professional athlete must have the love of a little boy. And the good players feel the kind of love for the game that they did when they were Little Leaguers. - Author: Tom Seaver
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