Top 9 Leafiness Quotes

#1. But the trees were gorgeous in their autumnal leafiness - the warm odours of flowers and herb came sweet upon the sense.

Elizabeth Gaskell

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#2. Am I falling in love? She thought, is it safe to do so with this man? She thought, I don't need to answer.

Freya North

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#3. Some people come into your life as blessings, and others come in your life as lessons. You are both to me.

Christy Pastore

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#4. Through the opened heart, the world comes rushing in, the way oceans fill the smallest hole along the shore. It is the quietest sort of miracle: by simply being who we are, the world will come to fill us, to cleanse us, to baptize us, again and again.

Mark Nepo

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#5. Because I believe God is bigger than the rules we impose on one another. I think He does not mind if we find different paths to Him.

S.J. Parris

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#6. I'm of the old-fashioned opinion that shame can be used for all sorts of good in society. An example of this is smoking: When someone lights up around a crowd, people now usually say something. So I don't understand why it's not OK to apply the same logic to other behaviors.

Keli Goff

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#7. Small samples in the centrifuge will spin at varying rates to create synthetic gravity, like the gravity of Mars or the gravity of the moon, and measure how the specimens respond within the centrifuge.

John L. Phillips

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#8. If a man really and truly believed that black was white, you might advise him to see an oculist, but you mustn't call him a liar.

Margaret Deland

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#9. We got married: society's solution to loneliness, lust and laundry.

Luke Rhinehart

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