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#1. Though beauty gives you a weird sense of entitlement, it's rather frightening and threatening to have others ascribe such importance to something you know you're just renting for a while. - Author: Candice Bergen
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#2. The fundamental question is is the Conservative Party leadable - Author: Michael Heseltine
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#3. I would never have turned pro training like an average bodybuilder. There is no substitute for intensity. - Author: Branch Warren
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#4. Do not show the face of Islam to others; instead show your face as the follower of true Islam representing character, knowledge, tolerance and piety - Author: Syed Ahmad Khan
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#5. Nevertheless, the fact is that there is nothing as dreamy and poetic, nothing as radical, subversive, and psychedelic, as mathematics. - Author: Paul Lockhart
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#6. I don't say anything and he casually leans against my desk, picking up the novel that's sitting there.
"It's bullshit," he tells me, flicking through it. "There's no such thing as Atticus Finch."
I shrug. "It'd be nice if there was, though. - Author: Melina Marchetta
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#7. It's a huge step forward to realize that the worst thing to happen is never the event, but the event and losing your head. Because then you'll have two problems (one of them unnecessary and post hoc). The - Author: Ryan Holiday
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#8. 28. Feelings are neither right nor wrong. It's what you do with them that causes the problems. - Author: James C. Dobson
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#9. I didn't come here to be average. - Author: Michael Jordan
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