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Top 13 Lds Christmas Sayings

#1. I think the unconditional love you get from an animal, especially a dog, is better than anything else. - Author: Miranda Lambert
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#2. A sacred picture of Saint Anthony alone is one vertical, unwavering band of light. If a cockroach were near him, or a cocktail waitress, the picture would be two such bands of light. Our awareness is all that is alive and maybe sacred in any of us. Everything else about us is just dead machinery. - Author: Kurt Vonnegut
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#3. When I look at you girl, I see a true work of art. So many beautiful things coming in one little heart. - Author: Waylon Jennings
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#4. What a tricky and uncomfortable thing is conscience, that nearly always begins to trouble us at the moment of, or after, the event, not before, when it might be of some use. - Author: H. Rider Haggard
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#5. The one thing that always bothered me when I played in the NBA was I really got irritated when they put a white guy on me. - Author: Larry Bird
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#6. Life isn't fair, but you can be. - Author: Tom Selleck
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#7. The silver-leaved birch retains in its old age a soft bark; there are some such men. - Author: Berthold Auerbach
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#8. Dave put a lot of thought into picking out the books his dad would like least. - Author: Theric Jepson
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#9. Successful people love what they do and feel compelled t express the best that is within them. They don't strive to be better than their neighbors or contemporaries they strive to be better than themselves. - Author: Brian Souza
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#10. I rejoice that horses and steers have to be broken before they can be made the slaves of men, and that men themselves have some wild oats still left to sow before they become submissive members of society. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
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#11. Any fighter didn't like Muhammad Ali should have his head examined. - Author: Angelo Dundee
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#12. I'm not the Queen. I'm not a huge superstar; I don't get paparazzi around me. - Author: Fiona Apple
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#13. If it doesn't taste good it doesn't go on the menu. - Author: Heston Blumenthal
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