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#1. Since Kemal's death, Turkey has been ruled by small minds, unsteady, weak men.

William L. Shirer

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#2. Perhaps I cannot make my people good, she told herself, but I should at least try to make them a little less bad.

George R R Martin

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#3. The people on Baywatch were about as nice a group of people as I had ever worked with.

Michael Bergin

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#4. Some men ease themselves like setting hens into the nest of death.

John Steinbeck

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#5. Defeat is not worth thinking about.

Alan Shearer

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#6. Because fundraising is so distracting, a startup should either be in fundraising mode or not. And when you do decide to raise money, you should focus your whole attention on it so you can get it done quickly and get back to work.


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#7. Everything that anyone respects is what men naturally excel at: fighting, accruing wealth, playing at power ...

Janet Morris

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