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#1. The most important innovators often don't need any technologies - just imagination and acute sensitivity to people's needs. - Author: Geoff Mulgan
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#2. Nuclear weapons are the scourge of the earth; to mine for them, manufacture them, deploy them, use them, is a curse against God, the human family, and the earth itself. - Author: Philip Berrigan
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#3. I'm quite proud of some of the films I've done, but less for the acting than for the fact that they're unpretentious and entertaining. I'm proud of having made unpretentious choices. - Author: Hugh Grant
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#4. The one thing that seems to be consistent through all my work that I like, and I experimented a lot, is the viewer is allowed to meditate on something that normally we don't stop and stare at, whether it's people or a cactus. - Author: Richard Misrach
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#5. With humor, it's so subjective that trying to think of what the ideal reader would think would drive you crazy. - Author: Calvin Trillin
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#6. My work more than didn't fit in. It crossed willy-nilly the boundaries that people had spent their lives building up. It hits some 30 subfields of biology, even geology. - Author: Lynn Margulis
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#7. Photography is only intuition, a perpetual interrogation - everything except a stage set. - Author: Henri Cartier-Bresson
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#8. A mother knows what her child's gone through, even if she didn't see it herself. - Author: Pramoedya Ananta Toer
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#9. I don't look back on my life with a single moment of regret or remorse for things I didn't do, should have done or might have done differently. - Author: Dave Liniger
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#10. The wave is the signature of every experience of life. By understanding the nature of waves and their characteristics, and applying that understanding to our lives, we can navigate life with a little more grace. - Author: Jeffrey R. Anderson
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#11. When you see someone, all you see is what they let you see. - Author: Robert Crais
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#12. Yet some of the most faithful, effective Christians I know are those who are living out their quiet calling to the few in their home, to their fledging church, or to the homeless under a bridge in their city. Nothing is meager or insignificant about that. - Author: Priscilla Shirer
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#13. Today all I want to do is run. - Author: Veronica Roth
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#14. There are people I stand near a single time and skirt forevermore. - Author: Karen Marie Moning
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