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#1. Yet man is born to trouble as surely as sparks fly upward.

New International Version

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#2. I tend to view synchronicities as proof that I am on the right path. It's like a pat on the back from God.

Annette Vaillancourt

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#3. They say if it's too good to be true, it usually is ... Unless it's me.

Behdad Sami

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#4. When I'm writing, I can always play around with tense. I can always make past present. I can always kind of manipulate, and I can always be delusional in a way that's completely self-serving. With film, it's like, the camera can't really lie. It can manipulate to a certain extent.

Jose Antonio Vargas

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#5. That feeling of hopelessness and racism has been looming over Detroit ever since I was a kid.

Robert Hood

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#6. My husband was very special and very funny and outspoken, and he would have a black and blue every so often because under the table, I'd say, 'Don't say that!'

Blythe Danner

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#7. For we need this thing wilderness far more than it needs us. Civilizations (like glaciers) come and go, but the mountain and its forest continue the course of creation's destiny. And in this we mere humans can take part-by fitting our civilization to the mountain.

Benton MacKaye

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