Top 28 Landlocked Quotes

#1. Kazakhstan officially the Republic of Kazakhstan, is a country in northern Central Asia. Kazakhstan is the worlds largest landlocked country.

Dr. Praveen Kumar

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#2. Landlocked Switzerland: They're Nice and Neutral Only Because They're Tiny

Marisha Pessl

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#3. With Barack Obama as president and the super-happening Michelle Obama as First Lady, you would think a new tone, a new tune, a kicky new jazzitude, would have entered Washington discourse, but it remains a landlocked island unto itself, held captive by its tribal fevers.

James Wolcott

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#4. Is the raggle-taggle Brangelina tribe any more bogus than that of the landlocked yummy mummy who believes that she can drop half a dozen brats and still keep a modest carbon footprint? I don't think so.

Julie Burchill

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#5. I grew up in Ireland, and the ocean was never more than an arm's length away. As lovely as the mountains are and as friendly as the people of Utah are, I feel a bit landlocked here.

Roma Downey

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#6. Like most people who actually live by a landlocked sound, bereft of hope of happiness, he had a particular aversion to any doctrines which left people without hope of happiness and told them that they lived by a landlocked sound.

Halldor Laxness

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#7. I'm a coastal person. I grew up in Long Island and lived in San Diego. I felt landlocked in Pittsburgh. Psychically, it just wasn't the place for me.

Alice McDermott

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#8. ... She was as beautiful and lost as a landlocked mermaid.

Emma Straub

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#9. Women are never landlocked: they're always mere minutes away from the briny deep of tears.

Mignon McLaughlin

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#10. It is much harder for economies to prosper if they cannot sell to, buy from, invest with, and even transit their neighbors. Landlocked countries with failed or failing neighbors can lose access to the world economy.

Robert Zoellick

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#11. It was true that I had traveled great distances for one so young, but my spirit had remained landlocked, unacquainted with love and all but a stranger to death ... I had absented myself in my smug and airless self-deprivation.

William Styron

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#12. A good conscience is a port which is landlocked on every side, where no winds can possibly invade. There a man may not only see his own image, but that of his Maker, clearly reflected from the undisturbed waters.

John Dryden

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#13. Rwanda is a landlocked country, but it hasn't stopped developing. They built a high-end tourism industry around the mountain gorillas.

Robert Zoellick

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#14. Manassa naught,
a padded white envelope
with no return address,
landlocked and antiseptic,
exploited like a gas station.
passes through in the briefest of cameos.

Brian D'Ambrosio

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#15. My own tears seemed landlocked and frozen in a glacier I could not reach or touch within me.

Pat Conroy

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#16. Fine, a Lithuanian couple gets lost because, like men across the globe, he values his penis - among other things - as a compass. So he's incapable of asking for directions and thereby disparaging the power of his penis.

Nora Roberts

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#17. What is crucial to your survival as a race is not the redistribution of power and wealth within the prison but rather the destruction of the prison itself.

Daniel Quinn

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#18. The meeting was generally felt to be a pleasant one, being composed in a good proportion of those who would talk and those who would listen;

Jane Austen

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#19. I'm not too proud to change. I like to win too much.

Bobby Bowden

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#20. I made a tape recording of a bridge collapsing and I wanted to play it suddenly and very loudly when people were walking over a big bridge in Belgrade. The council forbid it. Their imagination is tiny; mine is big. I want always to shake everything up.

Marina Abramovic

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#21. I'm a Canadian. Outside Canada I carry the flag. Canadian nationalism isn't as insidious as American nationalism, though. It's good natured. It's all about maple syrup, not war.


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#22. I would never make up a character who didn't exist or an event that didn't transpire. If you're a real writer, you have other tools in your toolbox to build drama.

Koren Zailckas

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#23. I've produced before, and sometimes it's by default. In the indie level, you can't just come to set and be like, 'Oh, I'm an actor.' You have to be willing to help out, make the project happen.

Sung Kang

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#24. As America's head coach, President Obama needs to make some big and smart adjustments to jump-start economic growth and business investment, stimulate job creation, and get wages up for ordinary Americans.

Harold Ford Jr.

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#25. At that moment, in spite of the dizziness, I felt like Nietzsche when he had his Eternal Return epiphany. An inexorable succession of nanoseconds, each one blessed by eternity.

Roberto Bolano

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#26. I'm a participant in the doctrine of constructive ambiguity.

Vernon A. Walters

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#27. Aw Gray, you remembered my birthday, I'm flattered.

Jessica Wennberg

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#28. All of us might wish at times...

Robert Kennedy

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