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#1. Remember trust is portable. Wherever you go, it follows you: good or bad.

Bob Reiss

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#2. However far apart we pull two entagled particles, they remain 'connected' through their common wavelength function. Their fates remain intertwined until a measurement is made on one of them, collapsing their common wavelength function.

Jim Al-Khalili

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#3. It is well at any price to have peace in the home.

Agatha Christie

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#4. There's no shame in fear. But understand this - the coward is ruled by fear, while the hero rides it like a wild stallion.

David Gemmell

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#5. I am very tolerant. I am not a moralist. I have too great a sense of the shortness of life and its temptations to rule red lines. Yet I am not so indiscriminate as you think, judging me - as you judge me - from my fluency.

Virginia Woolf

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#6. we've had more enemies than we had soldiers,

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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#7. This country is so stupid. Only spoiled white people could let something so good get so bad. I

Gary Shteyngart

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#8. There are a lot of great artists with great voices who aren't singing what they should be singing.

Natalie Cole

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#9. Many entire nations are marginalised by the more powerful nations. That is causing imbalance, violence and terror. Women must do their best to introduce another perspective.

Karen Armstrong

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#10. Peering succeeds because it leverages self-organization - a style of production that works more effectively than hierarchical management for certain tasks.

Don Tapscott

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#11. For so delicious were the words she sung,it seem'd he had loved them a whole summer long.

John Keats

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#12. You don't wallow or mope. You aren't allowed that luxury; guilt is for lesser men. You simply need to do what is expected.

Brandon Sanderson

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#13. The mass market eventually assimilates that which is innovative or revolutionary.

Al Goldstein

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#14. Blessed are the curious.

Sandra Dutton

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#15. I sit every once in a while and I think about plays and films I can do with William Petersen into our eighties. He's the most incredible scene partner I've ever had.

Jorja Fox

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#16. Even so, I was proud of myself for taking action at all. I didn't hide or run away or pretend the ugliness didn't happen. I stood up and said something that was true. I said it out loud, and by doing so, I was standing up for lots of people, not just me.

Lauren Myracle

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