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Top 6 Lacus Clyne Famous Quotes

#1. There are one or two very good women military historians who use imagination, great study and research; they can put themselves in the boots of the soldier.

Antony Beevor

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#2. When we stop thinking primarily about ourselves, of our wants, our image and our own self-preservation, we undergo a transformation of truly heroic proportions.

Jose N. Harris

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#3. We have learned to see the world in gasps.

Margaret Atwood

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#4. Stoicism, understood properly, is a cure for a disease. The disease in question is the anxiety, grief, fear, and various other negative emotions that plague humans and prevent them from experiencing a joyful existence.

William B. Irvine

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#5. [Editorial cartooning] is essentially a destructive art. We are not pontificators, or molders of thought - or at least we shouldn't try to be. Ours is more the role of the lowly gadfly: circle and stab, circle and stab. Roughly put, our credo should be, if it's big, hit it.

Bill Mauldin

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#6. nothing encourages unleashing a torrent of semen like having to fire at the same time as another male.

Marah J. Hardt

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