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#1. As if goaded by a kind of frantic despair, I sketched these dirty, ragged little victims of the war with their bruised, lacerated minds and bodies, their matted hair and runny noses. Here my life as a painter began in earnest. - Author: Walter Keane
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#2. Winning isn't everything to me, but it's a close second. Losing isn't something that I can just brush off and fake a smile to hide my frustration. It's that will and determination that I hope will get me where I want to go. - Author: Dale Earnhardt Jr.
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#3. The mind is the attribute of man. When man is born, he comes into existence with only one weapon with him
The reasoning mind. - Author: Ayn Rand
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#4. Still he plied the lash without stint upon my poor body, until it seemed that the lacerated flesh was stripped from my bones at every stroke. A man with a particle of mercy in his soul would not have beaten even a dog so cruelly. - Author: Solomon Northup
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#5. It is understandable why a person might shirk a brutal self-assessment until the unforgiving talons of a reckless life rips their thin skin covertures into shreds leaving a person ensnared in their destructive thoughts and lacerated with bolts of self-incrimination. - Author: Kilroy J. Oldster
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#6. Love is like permanent glue which sticks two souls and they can't be separated unless they are lacerated. Souls are immortal and so is love. - Author: Ritu Chowdhary
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#7. There is nothing quite as unpleasant as wearing a pair of briefs which have been trailed through a Calcutta courtyard. Nothing, that is, except having one's elbows and knees lacerated by unseen slivers of glass and discarded razor blades. - Author: Tahir Shah
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#8. Of all the agonies in life, that which is most poignant and harrowing
that which for the time annihilates reason, and leaves our whole organization one lacerated, mangled heart
is the conviction that we have been deceived where we placed all the trust of love. - Author: Bill Vaughan
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#9. I'm doing a play, a musical. The musical follows the Mamma Mia concept. It's my first LA theater project. - Author: Tatyana Ali
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#10. People saw me as being heroic, but I was no more heroic than I was with other injuries I had, like the lacerated kidney I suffered during the 1990 World Series. It's just that people haven't known anyone with a lacerated kidney, but everyone can relate to someone with cancer. - Author: Eric Davis
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#11. Beauty is nature, ugliness is sham perception of fleshy eye lacerated with keenness for visual corporeal thrill. - Author: Akshmala Sharma
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#12. We carry our house plants from one window to another to give them the proper heat, light, and moisture. Should we not be at least as careful of ourselves? - Author: William George Jordan
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#13. Southerners are also like ethnic groups in that they have a sense of group identity. - Author: John Shelton Reed
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#14. I wish I believed him. He's looking at me like he can see where I begin. - Author: Amy McNamara
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#15. Yes, the heat lacerated the heart. And alone she resisted it, entire, virgin, the envy of the sea. - Author: Marguerite Duras
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#16. I was in misery, and misery is the state of every soul overcome by friendship with mortal things and lacerated when they are lost. Then the soul becomes aware of the misery which is its actual condition even before it loses them. - Author: Augustine Of Hippo
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#17. I don't like directors that just say, Stand there and now do this. - Author: Joe Pantoliano
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#18. I cannot subscribe to the omnipotence of a State legislature. - Author: Samuel Chase
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#19. If you try to break into my house, you will be severely lacerated and possibly electrocuted, and I'm fine with that. Because if you're breaking into my house, you're on your own. - Author: Paget Brewster
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#20. I'm beginning to see that just knowing the piece is not enough. Having a clear technique is not enough. Having a broad repertory is not enough. I want desperately to get past all those things. - Author: Leonard Slatkin
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#21. Dive deeply into the miracle of life and let the tips of your wings be burnt by the flame, let your feet be lacerated by the thorns, let your heart be stirred by human emotion, and let your soul be lifted beyond the earth. - Author: Vilayat Inayat Khan
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#22. We really cannot see what equanimity there is in jerking a lacerated carp out of the water by the jaws, merely because it has no the power of making a noise; for we presume that the most philosophic of anglers would hardly delight in catching a shrieking fish. - Author: Leigh Hunt
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#23. By what sort of experience are we led to the conviction that spirit exists:;? On the whole, by searching, painful experience. The rose Religion grows on a thorn-bush, and we must not be afraid to have our fingers lacerated by the thorns if we would pluck the rose. - Author: Felix Adler
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#24. We will walk to God
our feet lacerated,
our limbs wounded. - Author: Saadi Youssef
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#25. The truth had lacerated him to the bone, had punctured his heart, and had ripped through his soul. The truth had slain him and tended to his wounds. The truth had hated him and loved him. The truth had opened his eyes to his own faults. - Author: Brenda Sutton Rose
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#26. I am either lacerated or ill at ease and occasionally subject to gusts of life. - Author: Roland Barthes
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#27. Each day I lacerated myself thinking on her, but I didn't go back. - Author: Neal Cassady
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#28. When I was a child, I was one of the kids who wore black all the time, and when the kids asked me why I wore black, I said things like, 'I'm mourning the death of modern society.' I mean, I was a riot. - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
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#29. Hope is the most sensitive part of a poor wretch's soul; whoever raises it only to torment him is behaving like the executioners in Hell who, they say, incessantly renew old wounds and concentrate their attention on that area of it that is already lacerated. - Author: Marquis De Sade
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