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#1. THE MISCONCEPTION: Memories are played back like recordings. THE TRUTH: Memories are constructed anew each time from whatever information is currently available, which makes them highly permeable to influences from the present. - Author: David McRaney
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#2. Fucking hell, India Savage wants hearts and flowers."
I went up on my forearm. Hearts and flowers! As if! I was a Rock Chick!
"I do not!" I snapped.
He was grinning at me. "Yes you do. - Author: Kristen Ashley
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#3. Amnesty is the magnet. Other magnets that you mentioned are anchor babies who get benefits in this country and employer deductions for employees, even if they are here illegally, which Mr. King is addressing. - Author: Virgil Goode
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#4. Part of me also knows that this generation is the least racist and most pro-gay, so that's great. But they have a real lack of gravitas. And they have no taste in music. Vampire Weekend? Can we play some music, please? Can we rock out for a minute? Where's your Metallica? - Author: Greg Behrendt
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#5. One never knows if anything's a good idea. You just make a choice and go with the flow and see what happens. You only get one day's worth of grace, so why not spend it extravagantly. - Author: Wm. Paul Young
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#6. Selfishness comes from poverty in the heart, from the belief that love is not abundant. - Author: Miguel Angel Ruiz
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#7. Be quick but do not hurry. - Author: John Wooden
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#8. Let the children ... be carefully instructed in the principles and obligations of the Christian religion. This is the most essential part of education. - Author: Benjamin Rush
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#9. You can have all you can expect and accept. - Author: Eric Butterworth
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