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Top 12 Kungtse Quotes

#1. If a man's a good kisser, he's a great f-. - Author: Cher
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#2. I'm really a cool, mellow guy. I'm not as crazy as everybody thinks. - Author: Tommy Lee
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#3. The idea of doing stand-up is terrifying to me. - Author: Charlie Day
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#4. I am a rebel by birth ... I contest anything that is unjust, that causes suffering in humanity . My feelings about that are so strong, I don't think I could live with myself if I weren't honest . - Author: Yip Harburg
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#5. I do not have a brain that I long for in dealing with matters of which I am ignorant, that don't come within my ken and a rationale, a reason, and argument and so on, and I can't do that and I'm not in that bracket at all. - Author: Richard Attenborough
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#6. Creativity is the mystery of freedom. - Author: Nikolai Berdyaev
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#7. I don't much believe in the idea of characters. I write with words, that is all. Whether those words are put in the mouth of this or that character does not matter to me. - Author: Guillermo Cabrera Infante
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#8. I am convinced that what has the greatest meaning for us is what we uncover for ourselves. - Author: Elizabeth O'Connor
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#9. Action is consolatory. It is the enemy of thought and the friend of flattering illusions. Only in the conduct of our action can we find the sense of mastery over the Fates. - Author: Joseph Conrad
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#10. It is a peculiarity of the English language that while most fish swim in schools, herring swim in shoals, a word of the same meaning derived from the same Anglo-Saxon root. - Author: Mark Kurlansky
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#11. Good, whispered the voice in Tigerclaw's mind. These cats must make no decisions on their own, not unless you want them to feel more powerful than you. - Author: Erin Hunter
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#12. Beauty is a fading flower,Truth is but a wizard's tower,Where a solemn death-bell tolls,And a forest round it rolls. - Author: Alfred Noyes
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