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#1. I can't stand things that are poorly made or shoddily conceived. I feel like I'm being insulted when something is poorly designed, poorly made. It's like whoever made that thing didn't respect the rest of us enough to do it well. - Author: Damian Kulash
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#2. I think that artists and musicians can do as much harm as good for causes if they tie their names to lots of things, especially if they aren't really doing much to meaningfully push their causes forward. - Author: Damian Kulash
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#3. I can have fairly crippling self-criticism. It doesn't really put me in a vulnerable state, I just get glum and intolerable, but it certainly is a vulnerability. - Author: Damian Kulash
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#4. My best ideas almost always come from winding up in unexpected places and stumbling across things I never could have imagined in advance. - Author: Damian Kulash
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#5. Rather than converting people from one organised religion to another organised religion, we should try to convert people from misery to happiness, from bondage to liberation and from cruelty to compassion. - Author: S. N. Goenka
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#6. It's the good old paradox of democracy. We are individually pretty small drops in the bucket, but collectively we are all powerful. - Author: Damian Kulash
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#7. Favorite Joke: 9 out of 10 people enjoy gang rape. - Author: Damian Kulash
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#8. Actually, here is something I'm passionate about that, looking around me, seems like the world at large must not care about as much as I do: craft. - Author: Damian Kulash
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#9. Wing Chun teaches you what to concentrate on, whether you're here or out in the world dealing with problems. It's second nature for me now. I don't even get to the point where there's a problem. - Author: Robert Downey Jr.
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#10. You know friends don't hold hands," I whispered, knowing that there was no way that I was letting go first.
"Huh," he grunted. "Me and Kier hold hands all the time - Author: R.J. Prescott
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#11. As readers, we sense when the game is being played for real and when something else is afoot: pride, showmanship, the pursuit of power, self-aggrandizement, revenge, making money. Not that there's anything wrong with any of that, but I dislike closing a book with the sense that I've been had. - Author: Stacey D'Erasmo
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#12. Virtue is according to nature; vice is opposed to it and hostile. - Author: Seneca.
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#13. If you have a lot of fans, you have a powerful soapbox, but you still have to have something to say when you're on that soapbox if you want to make a real difference. - Author: Damian Kulash
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#14. When the morning comes, let it go, this too shall pass. - Author: Ok Go
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#15. I will say that the lead cosmonaut trainer - I mean, we were working with professional cosmonaut trainers outside of Moscow. And the lead one, at the end of the project, announced to the entire group that he wanted Trish [Sie] to be on his team forevermore. - Author: Damian Kulash
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#16. Everyone loves the idea of internet fast enough that HD movies download in seconds, but if only the telecoms or their partners get to use the high speeds, it's not the internet: It's glorified cable. - Author: Damian Kulash
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#17. If some dude I'd never heard of managed to broadcast a platitude like that to the whole globe, I'd probably just feel like I was being spammed. - Author: Damian Kulash
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#18. I like shooting things in single takes. You have to rely on the idea itself to carry the full weight; you're always watching the idea, not the filmmaking. - Author: Damian Kulash
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#19. I'm very active in pushing for net neutrality and an open Internet. There are countless other causes I support personally and privately, but I try to keep my public activism fairly focused. - Author: Damian Kulash
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#20. I think professional cosmonaut trainer in fact said that we are the only two [with Damian Kulash ] he found fit to be astronauts, which is ridiculous because we are far from fit from being astronauts. So you can imagine what was going on up there. - Author: Trish Sie
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#21. I admired the work ethic of the cowboys I read about. The idea of these young people taking on this much responsibility was impressive. I would like modern readers to have an appreciation of this. - Author: Walter Dean Myers
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#22. I'm passionate about music, food, books, film, blah, blah. The same things everyone is passionate about, no? Love, sex, connection. Peace. Not f - - g up our planet. - Author: Damian Kulash
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#23. I can't imagine everyone on the planet would want to hear something from me. If I thought they'd listen, I'd probably ask them to try to be nicer to each other, to try to be less scared of their differences. - Author: Damian Kulash
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#24. What puts me in a vulnerable state? Beauty, wonder, surprise, mystery. Stuff like that. - Author: Damian Kulash
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#25. All right, roger that. Don't get dead." "That's high on my list of priorities. - Author: Evan Currie
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#26. There's no hope of people paying attention to your music video if you don't let others use it, - Author: Damian Kulash
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#27. For me, it works best to plan just enough to come up with a good direction to head out in. Then I start down the path as soon as I can, without a very clear idea of what exactly I'm going to end up with. I try to leave a lot of time for flexibility and play and changing direction. - Author: Damian Kulash
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#28. A lot of things get made this way: someone imagines what they want to make, then very carefully plans every step of the process, then sets about making it. That's usually the efficient, reasonable way to get something done, but it limits you to ideas you can think of in advance. - Author: Damian Kulash
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#29. I'm pessimistic. I don't think that justice always gets the right person. - Author: Henry Rollins
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