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Top 12 Kpop Fanfic Quotes

#1. Science fiction shows are traditionally about the gimmick or the gadget and tend to be emotionally cool to the touch. - Author: J. Michael Straczynski
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#2. If our esteemed colleague, Zungenschlag, does not find our room ventilated sufficiently, I should like to suggest that our esteemed colleague, Zungenschlag, have a ventilator set into his forehead. - Author: Frank Wedekind
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#3. It may sound strange, but I get the inspiration for most of my Dreams while I'm sleeping. - Author: Mark W. Boyer
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#4. Who is secure in all his basic needs? Who has work, spiritual care, medical care, housing, food, occasional entertainment, free clothing, free burial, free everything? The answer might be nuns and monks, but the standard reply is 'prisoners'. - Author: Erik Von Kuehnelt-Leddihn
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#5. Communication within the couple includes the open, clear, and honest sharing of feelings, desires, thoughts, interests, and creative ideas. It is in this sharing of the deepest parts of ourselves with another that true intimacy in the relationship is cultivated. - Author: John Friend
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#6. We didn't see [the NBA lockout] as a victory at all. It was far from what we set it out to accomplish in bargaining, but I thought it was a fair compromise. - Author: Adam Silver
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#7. Some perv lured you here via a magical website? - Author: A.G. Howard
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#8. Something similar is still true of the courses followed by manifold intuitions which together make up the unity of one continuous consciousness of one and the same object. - Author: Edmund Husserl
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#9. I live in L.A. so I worry my kids aren't that connected to Britain, I suppose I don't want them to become American kids. We try to get back three or four times a year. When they go to school they speak with a British-American accent but when they come home to us they go back to their British accent. - Author: Kevin McKidd
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#10. We have federal standards for everything in America except the one thing you need most - your health. - Author: Steve Kagen
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#11. I don't mind being a buffoon. - Author: Stewart Rahr
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#12. I'm so lonely I don't even want to be with myself anymore. - Author: Dido Armstrong
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