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#1. I mean, have you ever tried to devise a mutually beneficial win-win solution with a guy who thinks he's the messiah? It - Author: Chris Voss
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#2. God will try our faith before he satisfies our sight. - Author: William Bates
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#3. Never build a case against yourself." - Author: Les Brown
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#4. God picked a junior high girl [to be Jesus' mother]. Jesus was raised by a woman who today, we wouldn't even let her lead a bible study at a high school. But she could raise God. - Author: Mark Driscoll
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#5. The women were responsible for everything. They were guilty of crimes, real and illusory. They had not thought hard enough, tried hard enough, asked enough of themselves. It was as if the plane had fallen from the sky for the sole reason that they had stopped flapping their arms. - Author: Jean Hanff Korelitz
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#6. Love, it is said, is blind, but love is not blind. It is an extra eye, which shows us what is most worthy of regard. To see the best is to see most clearly, and it is the lover's privilege. - Author: J.M. Barrie
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#7. The choice to do or say something for the other person's benefit, that would help make them a better person, something that would enrich their lives and make their lives more meaningful for them. - Author: Gary Chapman
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#8. Home is where they want you to stay longer. - Author: Stephen King
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#9. There are certain things that we cannot understand, like why we pray five times a day, for example. But the fact that we choose to pray is understandable. - Author: Tariq Ramadan
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#10. What am I lying here for? ... We are lying here as though we had a chance of enjoying a quiet time ... Am I waiting until I become a little older? - Author: Xenophon
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#11. I think it makes women feel better to find fault with other women. I do that, too. - Author: Tyra Banks
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#12. Jasper glances sideways with mild canine embarrassment. - Author: Peter Heller
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#13. Are we praying?"

"If you have to ask, you probably aren't. - Author: Allan Dare Pearce
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#14. I think it's perfectly possible for us to stay outside of power politics, or parliamentary politics, and speak about things like the American hegemony in the region or speak about the unjust war on terror that's been brought to our borders. - Author: Fatima Bhutto
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#15. There are two principal approaches to secularism, focusing respectively on (1) neutrality between different religions, and (2) prohibition of religious associations in state activities. - Author: Amartya Sen
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