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#1. I've walked with very famous people down red carpets over to the crowd of thousands of people, and you'll reach out to shake their hand and they've got a camera in their hand. And they don't even get their hand out, because they're recording the whole time. - Author: George Clooney
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#2. We can't be as good as we'd want to, so the question then becomes, how do we cope with our own badness? - Author: Nick Hornby
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#3. Ah! I have talked quite enough for today," said Lord Henry, smiling. "All I want now is to look at life. You may come and look at it with me, if you care to. - Author: Oscar Wilde
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#4. The very remembrance of my former misfortune proves a new one to me. - Author: Miguel De Cervantes
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#5. I think it is more of an intuitive, circular kind of personality, for starters. And, as I say of horses, the secret to breeding great horses is the three B's: bones, brains, and balance. If you look at art, it shares some of the same qualities. - Author: Alice Walton
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#6. I actually really love working with young actors because they're so responsive and instinctive, and it's a much less honed craft that they're employing. - Author: Clive Owen
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#7. Do people get moral when they don't get ahead? - Author: Ruth Gordon
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#8. It's these small differences in people's karma that determine if we get up or remain lying on the ground. - Author: Peter Hoeg
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#9. The Greeks had the greatest architectonic gifts. Every art has its climax at some point, and here architecture had its high point. Modeling and painting reached their climax elsewhere. Despite the gigantic pyramids, the most wonderful architecture appears in the Greek temple. - Author: Rudolf Steiner
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#10. The strength comes only from your mind. Fingertips. Wrist. Thighs. Brain. These are your weapons. The sword is merely a beautiful accessory. - Author: Kelly Gardiner
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