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#1. The difference between the actor and the painter is that the actor would buy somebody a knish in order to have them watch him act.

Al Pacino

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#2. When an army unit returns from service in Iraq or Afghanistan, it barely gets a breather before it begins training for its next deployment.

Hillary Clinton

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#3. With the pairing family, therefore, the abduction and barter of women began - widespread symptoms, and nothing but that, of a new and much more profound change.

Friedrich Engels

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#4. The one who poses the most danger may not be a stranger, Sometimes it's those we hold dear that we really need to fear

Antonia Monacelli

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#5. The Coastal Plain of Alaska has great potential for energy development. Americans have paid record-high prices for oil and gas in the year 2005.

Kenny Marchant

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#6. Men of God are those who walk in the fear of the Lord.

Matt Chandler

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#7. Homophobia is very, very difficult to root out, to extricate. That's why we have to bear witness. That's why we have to be so public about it, and that's why we can't just play footsie with it.

Cornel West

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#8. I would consider my diary serves the same purpose as going for a walk or a run. They are all physical ways of clearing a mental landscape.

Chet Faker

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#9. Forgiveness is a mystical act, not a reasonable one.

Caroline Myss

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#10. English history turned on Henry VIII and his desires, his whims almost. And it was down to Cromwell to make those desires happen. He was the guy that fixed it. He was also the guy that eased Henry's conscience. Because Henry VIII had an enormous, tender conscience and great theological knowledge.

Ben Miles

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#11. When I was a kid, I was super shy.

Rachel Dratch

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#12. The Canadian franchises and Canada as a market for NHL hockey has always been a priority for us.

Gary Bettman

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#13. There is only one search: wandering ... no dogma and no heresy.


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#14. These auspicious aspects, which the astrologers subsequently interpreted for me, may have been the causes of my preservation.

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

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