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#1. When we dare to see things differently, life opens up to our eyes. - Author: Paulo Coelho
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#2. It sucks to try and book a tour without the internet, and I'm not even doing it. - Author: Kyle Parker
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#3. What I am, it is useless to say - those whom it concerns feel and find it out. To all others I wish only to be an obscure, steady-going private character. - Author: Charlotte Bronte
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#4. Woman! thou loveliest gift that here below
Man can receive, or Providence bestow. - Author: Winthrop Mackworth Praed
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#5. Even if it is only for a matter of moments, because those moments bring with them a Love so intense that it justifies the rest of our days. - Author: Paulo Coelho
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#6. It is a friendly heart that has plenty of friends. - Author: William Makepeace Thackeray
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#7. Because we are free, we can never be indifferent to the fate of freedom elsewhere. - Author: Jimmy Carter
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#8. Writers don't need love; all they require is money. - Author: John Osborne
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#9. We must cling only to drawing. - Author: Nicolas De Stael
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#10. You keep thinking that with practice you will eventually get the knack of enjoying superficial encounters, that you will stop looking for the universal solvent, stop grieving. You will learn to compound happiness out of small increments of mindless pleasure. - Author: Jay McInerney
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#11. My feeling is unless they've somebody lined up and they are convinced he is going to be better than Brian, I think their decision has been made in haste. - Author: Mark Lawrenson
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#12. Every part of the country has its story to tell, so I'm always looking for the next place to be. - Author: Tracie Peterson
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#13. You'd like people to remember you for these great times on the ice. In reality, you want them to forget because you're doing something new and better. - Author: Apolo Ohno
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#14. Pure happiness can only be attained through developing our mind. - Author: Geshe Kelsang Gyatso
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#15. You'll catch your death of cold. Clouseau: Yes, yes I probably will but ... its all part of life's rich pageantry, you kneau. - Author: Peter Sellers
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