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#1. There are four people in my life, not counting my reps who know everything, two of whom are my parents, that know everything, so that when I feel like I need to let it out, I can talk to any of those four people. - Author: Natalie Zea
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#2. What I want is to be willing to fail rather than stagnate. - Author: James Dickey
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#3. As babies we're born blank sheets of paper. Not a single mark. As we grow older, lines form, then colors and patterns. Before long that paper is all sorts of brilliant. Like a kaleidoscope, no two exactly alike. - Author: Shannon Wiersbitzky
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#4. One has got all the goodness, and the other all the appearance of it." "I - Author: Jane Austen
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#5. Is it true the green tea they serve in Japan at the end of your meal comes free? - Author: Hiroshi Sakurazaka
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#6. A relationship can really change from a push down the stairs. - Author: Luke Wilson
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#7. All the answers to your questions about what your goals can and should be lie within, so does your power to accomplish those goals. - Author: Anna Stevens
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#8. The bride waits here," she said, running her hands along her hair, taking in her image but seeming to drift away. "This is the moment you think about what you're doing. Who you're choosing. Who you will love. If it's right, Eddie, this can be such a wonderful moment. - Author: Mitch Albom
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#9. Lynn, my wife, would very much appreciate if I had a talent for anything besides music. - Author: Sam Bush
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#10. People think money is life and your life is over if you lose it. - Author: Vikram Chatwal
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#11. The plodding thrift and scrupulous integrity and long-winded patient industry of our business men of the last century are out of fashion in these "giddy-paced" times, and England is forgetting that those who make haste to be rich can hardly avoid much temptation and some sin. - Author: Fanny Kemble
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#12. A key piece of advice from Hermosillo was to have faith in oneself. He would often tell Guillermo, If a road is not presented, you build one. - Author: Guillermo Del Toro
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