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#1. I collapse in bed and fall asleep with me other hand clasped around the blue rubber band. And I dream about blue eyes and blue nails and first-kiss lips dusted with blue sugar crystals. - Author: Stephanie Perkins
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#2. I thought he was someone I wanted to know. As it turns out, it was a case of
mistaken identity. - Author: Jodi Livon
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#3. My love has placed her little hand With noble faith in mine, And vowed that wedlock's sacred band Our nature shall entwine. My love has sworn, with sealing kiss, With me to live
to die; I have at last my nameless bliss: As I love
loved am I! - Author: Charlotte Bronte
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#4. She had learnt long ago that common sense, intelligence, good-nature, and strength of character were unimportant in comparison with a pretty face. - Author: W. Somerset Maugham
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#5. You are built to pull a cart, to lift a heavy load and bear it, to haul up the long slope, and so am I, peasant bodies, earthy, solid shapely dark glazed clay pots that can stand on the fire. - Author: Marge Piercy
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#6. Ah me son, we don't be takin' nothin' from the sea. We has to sneak up on what we wants and wiggle it away - Author: Farley Mowat
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#7. Magnus had learned to be careful about giving his memories with his heart. When people died, it felt like all the pieces of yourself you had given to them went as well. It took so long, building yourself back up until you were whole again, and you were never entirely the same. - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#8. You know, with bands like Kiss back out on the road and Aerosmith coming out, we are going to be a band like that, in the sense that it's a big rock band. - Author: Steve Brown
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#9. It's time for new bands to step up because KISS and Mtley Cre, Aerosmith, The [Rolling] Stones ... we're not always gonna be here. Who's gonna replace us? There's no one out there. It's sad. - Author: Nikki Sixx
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#10. You know, who cares about seeing the girls when everybody wants to see the band. That's what's important, KISS is important. I think we look great, and the attitude is there, and I'm real happy with it. - Author: Eric Carr
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#11. No, working is what will keep you alive. - Author: Les Paul
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#12. The magic is in the man, not the 100 miles. - Author: Bill Bowerman
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#13. You can kiss my Kiss-loving ass because Kiss was never a critic's band. It was a people's band. - Author: Tom Morello
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#14. An architect's most useful tools are an eraser at the drafting board and a wrecking ball at the site. - Author: Frank Lloyd Wright
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#15. It's a gamble. A band like Kiss, a lot of those are our audience but we don't do as much make-up. Alice would have more to lose if we got back together. - Author: Michael Owen Bruce
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#16. One thing people would be surprised about is that although hard rock and heavy metal are without question 90% of what I listen to and my passion, there are other things I enjoy. My first ever favorite band in my life before KISS was a power-pop band called The Raspberries. - Author: Eddie Trunk
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#17. I don't see us as a big media gimmick band. We don't have a cultivated appearance or anything like Kiss. - Author: Tom Verlaine
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#18. Nothing could ever stop Kiss. I've seen the band in down times where critics were like vultures circling overhead saying things like, 'Well, you know it's the end of your career.' - Author: Paul Stanley
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#19. Selfless giving is a guaranteed way to increase feelings of love. - Author: Jude Bijou
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#20. Leadership is not a position or a title, it is action and example. - Author: Cory Booker
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#21. When I was growing up, you would put on a KISS record or a UFO or Aerosmith record and listen to it from the first song through the last song. It's been so long since a band has put out a record like that. - Author: Steven Adler
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