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Top 7 Kisah Cinta Quotes

#1. Who sat in darkness and in fear seemed to answer a vague and persistent question that haunted [Nwoye's] young soul
the question of the twins crying in the bush and the question of Ikemefuna who was killed. He felt a relief within as the hymn poured into his parched soul. - Author: Chinua Achebe
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#2. Being a hermit involves a lot of what we would call routine tasks taken to an extreme, even the morning flush of the toilet becomes a ritual. - Author: Steve Merrick
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#3. In the 21st century men's tits have not just rivalled but replaced women's as the touchstone of 'sexy' in mainstream pop culture, even when the audience for them is other men. - Author: Mark Simpson
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#4. When he noticed that pro basketball stars were far less likely to be called for traveling than lesser players, he didn't just holler at the refs. He stopped watching basketball altogether; the injustice of it killed his interest in the sport. - Author: Michael Lewis
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#5. I am the best player in the world and I am here to prove it - Author: Bobby Fischer
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#6. Love is a state of being, and in that state, the 'me', with its identifications, anxieties, and possessions is absent. Love cannot be, as long as the activities of the self, of the 'me', whether conscious or unconscious, continue to exist. - Author: Jiddu Krishnamurti
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#7. We proved we could be safe and secure at home, and still have more allies and friends in the world. - Author: Chelsea Clinton
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