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#1. At one point in my life, I learned how to think. I used to know how to feel. In war, these are lessons best forgotten. - Author: Ruth Ozeki
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#2. Clearly she knew that between book lovers, a novel is not a novel is not a novel. It's a symbol, an offering
and sometimes a test - Author: Sara Nelson
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#3. To Randy and the others, the business plan functions as Torah, master calendar,
motivational text, philosophical treatise. It is a dynamic, living document. - Author: Neal Stephenson
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#4. There are a lot of people who can be classified as heroes and do great things and inspire me. - Author: J. R. Martinez
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#5. Being an innkeeper meant walking a fine line between courtesy and tyranny. - Author: Ilona Andrews
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#6. Republican governors are leading the way in helping the private sector create new jobs, reforming government and getting our economy back on track. - Author: Bob McDonnell
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#7. It could have been called the scam of the century, their pretense of a happy marriage,yet as several weeks passed and it continued with such perfection, Rebecca had to pinch herself to keep from believing it herself. - Author: Johanna Lindsey
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#8. There's no social realism in 'Tyrannosaur.' It's not about the social landscape or the political landscape or any of that. It's just about human beings. I never made 'Tyrannosaur' in reference to anybody - I just made it because I had to make my own films. - Author: Paddy Considine
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#9. The Weinsteins believe in test screenings. I don't. I don't think good films are made that way. Call me crazy, but I'd like to think you need a singular vision to make good art. - Author: Terry Zwigoff
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#10. Brown v. Board is the foundation by which all Americans can look for hope - hope for their children, hope for their families, and hope for a better future. - Author: Mike Rogers
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#11. The truest form of love is where you are able to put your own needs aside to do what is best for the one you love. If you could know where I am now and if you love as you say you do, you would never ever wish me back from the love and the comfort and the bliss of where I am and where I wait for you. - Author: Kate McGahan
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#12. A number of scientists with greatly different backgrounds can come up with completely different assessments. The discussions or controversies are endless. Once a year, we try to bring the most important discoverers together to exchange their experiences and knowledge. - Author: Richard Leakey
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#13. elegance and euphoria - Author: Jennifer Niven
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#14. I see you kneeling in church - stained only by colored windows - Author: John Geddes
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#15. It is how you show up at the showdown that counts. - Author: Homer H. Norton
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