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Top 12 Kinji Tohyama Quotes

#1. A large family party is rather too much like a flight of tomtits; everlasting twitter, but no conversation; gregariousness without companionship. - Author: Charles Buxton
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#2. I'll tell you one thing you can't do: you can't put your shoes on, then your socks on. - Author: Flavor Flav
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#3. Science, my lad, has been built upon many errors; but they are errors which it was good to fall into, for they led to the truth. - Author: Jules Verne
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#4. In the tight belly of the dead, Burrow with hungry head, And inlay maggots like a jewel. - Author: Karl Shapiro
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#5. I am certain, however, that nothing has done so much to destroy the juridical safeguards of individual freedom as the striving after this mirage of social justice. - Author: Friedrich Hayek
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#6. Mysterious as it may be, there is something wonderful at the heart of our existence, and it is about nothing other than love; love for God, love for one another, love for creation, love for life itself. - Author: Gerald May
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#7. Failure to critique US empire allows feminist projects to be used and mobilized as handmaidens in the imperial project. - Author: Chandra Talpade Mohanty
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#8. Doing unusual things is seeing the world from unusual angles! - Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
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#9. I'm honestly not jealous of my wife at all - when she succeeds I'm psyched. It never occurred to me to feel threatened by her success. But the one thing I am jealous of is the number of awesome, interesting, artistic, productive, and cool people she gets to hang out with all day. - Author: Christopher Noxon
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#10. I do think that just about whenever I am writing, or more accurately, whenever I have written, I feel better and more at peace as a human being. That doesn't mean, unfortunately, that the literary product is any good. - Author: Rick Moody
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#11. There can hardly be a plainer proof of the lowness of our nature, until we have laid hold of the higher nature that belongs to us by birthright, than this, that even a just anger tends to make us unjust and unkind. - Author: George MacDonald
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#12. In praise there is more obtrusiveness than in blame. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
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