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#1. Where does your soul walk? Does it walk in the sunlit woods or hide in the shadowy forest? - Author: Seth Adam Smith
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#2. Knowledge is a dangerous thing. But ignorance is no protection. - Author: Masha Du Toit
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#3. It's much harder to be an in-house person than an outside person. - Author: Bob Gill
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#4. Kingslund's dress will be a matching one in silver. They will be absolutely exquisite. Jen would be exquisite. I'd probably look like a donkey at the races. With ribbons on it. - Author: Mark Henwick
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#5. There are so many stories to tell in the worlds of science fiction, the worlds of fantasy and horror that to confine yourself to even doing historical revisionist fiction, whatever you want to call it - mash-ups, gimmick lit, absurdist fiction - I don't know if I want to do that anymore. - Author: Seth Grahame-Smith
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#6. I have a lot of men who will say to me, 'I don't read books by women, but I like you.' - Author: Karin Slaughter
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#7. My mind blazed with ravishing lies. I thought, I cannot accept this gift of myself, myself as a gift, of my person, of having this mind that does not stop burning, that deceives itself and consumes itself and immolates itself and believes its own lies and chokes on plain fact. - Author: Paul Harding
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#8. Maybe that's how I learned to handle up my deep hurt ... by forgetting. - Author: Benjamin Carson
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#9. Canada doesn't stand behind Israel; we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with it. - Author: John Baird
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#10. Humor is like music. It's a rhythm, and you just kind of get the rhythm of it, and you have to know not to let the beat go too long, but to leave a beat in there for it to gel. - Author: Betty White
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#11. Once I had made my mind up, I could see nothing but the advantages. - Author: Andre Gide
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#12. We need more light about each other. Light creates understanding, understanding creates love, love creates patience, and patience creates unity. - Author: Malcolm X
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