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#1. Hardworking Americans are fighting every day to provide for themselves and their families, and leave a more prosperous country for the next generation. - Author: Luis Fortuno
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#2. [...] But the book showed me a glimpse of the world beyond mine, of the sun and moon and the starry sky, of the creatures that walk on land instead of beneath it, of the miracles of what could be and not the... awful of what is. I'd never dreamed before I found that book. That's all I did after. - Author: Aaron Burdett
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#3. Since once again, O Lord, in the steppes of Asia, I have no bread, no wine, no altar, I will raise myself above those symbols to the pure majesty of reality, and I will offer to you, I, your priest, upon the altar of the entire earth, the labor and the suffering of the world. - Author: Pierre Teilhard De Chardin
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#4. Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Relevant, and Timely - Author: Chip Heath
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#5. God does not believe in our God. - Author: Jules Renard
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#6. The clock of communism has stopped striking. But its concrete building has not yet come crashing down. For that reason, instead of freeing ourselves, we must try to save ourselves from being crushed by its rubble. - Author: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
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#7. DePaulo says that 'singlism'
a term she coined and for which we are prepared to forgive her
is not just aimed at unmarried women. - Author: Gail Collins
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#8. When sudden death takes a president, opportunities for new beginnings flourish among the ambitious and the tensions among such people can be dramatic, as they were when President Kennedy was killed. - Author: Russell Baker
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#9. Individuality realized is the supreme attainment of the human soul, the master-master's work of art. Individuality is sacred. - Author: Frank Lloyd Wright
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#10. I believe that the mindset that allows you to spend your working life thanking and congratulating people rather than being unpleasant to them is the mainstay of good leadership. - Author: Tim Waterstone
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#11. There is always a TRUTH to be revealed in any situation where your emotions have shifted. - Author: Molly Friedenfeld
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#12. Don't tug your ear with someone else. That's mine - Author: Kiera Cass
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#13. I'll have you know, I actually got a speeding ticket last year. 'For driving under the speed limit? - Author: Jill Shalvis
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#14. As an actor, I think most people have a tendency to want to demonstrate that they can act, they can emote. - Author: James Norton
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