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#1. When I was 10, we drove to Disney World. When we arrived, what impressed me most was the meticulous attention to detail; there wasn't a gum wrapper anyplace. - Author: Jason Kilar
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#2. Take risks. Fail. Pick yourself back up again. And always, always remember this: there is no adversity capable of stopping you once the choice to persevere is made. - Author: Jason Kilar
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#3. Early access is very valuable, there are a lot of consumers who would love to see something early. - Author: Jason Kilar
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#4. When we blaze trails, which is what Hulu is about, it takes time. That is not for the faint of heart, and we understand that. - Author: Jason Kilar
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#5. I saw the first episode of "The Walking Dead," and that's all I've seen. I thought it was good. I used to love zombies when I was little, but I don't like them the way I used to. I'm not knocking the show. - Author: James Patterson
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#6. What I think about is what people spend their time on this planet doing. So No.1 is sleep, No.2 is work, and No.3 is sight, sound, and motion video consumption. Basically, four to five hours a day is what Americans spend consuming video. - Author: Jason Kilar
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#7. My father was an electrical engineer who worked at Westinghouse in Pittsburgh. When I was growing up, my mother wrote humor columns for the local paper. She was the Erma Bombeck of Murrysville, Pa. - Author: Jason Kilar
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#8. The earth, our home, is beginning to look more and more like an immense pile of filth. - Author: Pope Francis
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#9. Look at the world around you & imagine it in a better way. - Author: Jason Kilar
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#10. When we launched Hulu, everybody was saying, 'Oh, this is going to be a substitute for pay TV in the living room.' - Author: Jason Kilar
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#11. We're simple-minded, the team at Hulu, which is, we think if we can obsess over quality and build a better mousetrap, that good things will happen. Users will adopt the service, advertisers will see great value in it, and that's what we're seeing. - Author: Jason Kilar
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#12. I grew up hearing stories about how my maternal grandfather had put himself through engineering school in New York City. He saved money by walking down to a gas station once a week to take a shower. When I applied to college, both education and investment value were important to me. - Author: Jason Kilar
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#13. Cultures are not very easy to change. They're sometimes almost impossible to change. - Author: Jason Kilar
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#14. Initially, the television was seen as the devil incarnate by people that worked in the content industry. Now over time it turned out that that was one of the best things that ever could have happened to a content creator. I think the Internet is no different. - Author: Jason Kilar
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#15. Some people do need to be held to account because some of the conduct is so widely at odds with our values, but making an example out of a few people would be a disservice. - Author: Thomas R. Pickering
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#16. No great goal was ever easily achieved. - Author: Margaret Thatcher
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#17. I always think that the people who have the hardest time in the spotlight are the people who have unearned fame, like the girlfriends of people who are famous or people who become figures of attention, not through their own merit. - Author: Rosamund Pike
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#18. I think the relationship between cable and satellite and telco pay TV service providers and the content industry is a very, very solid one. - Author: Jason Kilar
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#19. The Internet is going to have a bigger impact on content creators than the television ever had. The reason why that's the case is that suddenly you're able to tell stories 24/7 in the home, out of the home, in every room of the home. A television screen can be in your pocket through a smartphone. - Author: Jason Kilar
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#20. Let the refining and improving of your own life keep you so busy that you have little time to criticize others. - Author: H. Jackson Brown Jr.
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#21. I think challenge for Facebook is to develop a culture that has the advertiser and the ad service be as strong a part of their culture as the user obsession is. - Author: Jason Kilar
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#22. I took a job at the Walt Disney Company and after 18 months decided to go to business school at Harvard. I was awestruck by the campus. My first reaction was 'I don't belong here.' Then I said, 'I'm here; let's get on with it.' - Author: Jason Kilar
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#23. Hulu is about the shows, not the networks. The shows are the brands that users care about. - Author: Jason Kilar
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#24. History has shown that incumbents tend to fight trends that challenge established ways and, in the process, lose focus on what matters most: customers. - Author: Jason Kilar
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#25. If you take a look at the way the premium content is monetized, there's a lot of different models out there. Sometimes you pay for an individual episode, for example on iTunes. Other times you pay for a subscription. And other times it's free ad-supported. - Author: Jason Kilar
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#26. I'm a big believer that media is an impulse business. - Author: Jason Kilar
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#27. Why is a woman's sexuality always under so much scrutiny? Why can't she do exactly what she please without being called a million things? - Author: Christina Aguilera
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#28. When you're dealing with digital goods, you don't have to be tied to one URL. - Author: Jason Kilar
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#29. I'm not the kind of guy who dabbles in a lot of things. - Author: Jason Kilar
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#30. My prediction is that in the same way that Google is an intent revealing service that can be monetized that way, I would think that if I were at Twitter, I would focus on the search aspect of Twitter, because people are revealing intents when they do a search. - Author: Jason Kilar
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#31. Sometimes it takes all my resolution and power of self-control to refrain from butting my head against the wall. I want to howl and foam at the mouth but I daren't. - Author: Joseph Conrad
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#32. If you can make it easier to consume, people will consume more of it. - Author: Jason Kilar
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#33. The farther we've gotten from the magic and mystery of our past, the more we've come to need Halloween.

October Dreams: A celebration of
Halloween - Author: Paula Guran
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#34. For me, poetry is a way of thinking, and like many poets, I'm driven by the idea of trying to find the impossible, perfect words: the words that will hold my subject. - Author: James Arthur
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#35. We are fortunate to have collectively built a culture that matters, a brand that matters, a business that matters. It is impossible to state in words how much this team means to me, how much Hulu means to me. - Author: Jason Kilar
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