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#1. I'm quite intrigued by the notion of a book that is completely self-contained but related to another book. I've coined a rather hideous word for it - a paraquel. - Author: Charles Palliser
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#2. It's only too easy to idealise a mother's job. We know well that every job has its frustrations and its boring routines and its times of being the last thing anyone would choose to do. Well, why shouldn't the care of babies and children be thought of that way too? - Author: Donald Woods Winnicott
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#3. You're only poor if you give up. - Author: Robert T. Kiyosaki
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#4. We're all born lost, aren't we? We're all born separated from God - over and over life makes sure to inform us of this - and yet we're all real: we have names, we have lives. We mean something. We must. - Author: Douglas Coupland
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#5. For nine years I worked to change what was hairdressing then into a geometric art form with color, perm without setting which had never been done before. - Author: Vidal Sassoon
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#6. For early employees you want people that have somewhat of a risk-taking attitude. - Author: Sam Altman
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#7. He was no defensive fighter; even in the teeth of overwhelming odds he always carried the war to the enemy. - Author: Robert E. Howard
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#8. But the shortest works are always the best. - Author: Jean De La Fontaine
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#9. Most of my friends love going out, but I have to get a lot of sleep. If I don't, it shows up on my skin and under my eyes. - Author: Herieth Paul
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#10. Parades should be classed as a Nuisance and participants should be subject to a term in prison. They stop more work, inconvenience more people, stop more traffic, cause more accidents, entail more expense, and commit and cause I don't remember the other hundred misdemeanors. - Author: Will Rogers
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#11. Whether or not he came to believe it - so many people, when they have a mission, come to believe something in a way that may have started out as a slogan. You know, L. Ron Hubbard, not to make a random comparison, started Scientology as a scam. - Author: Alex Gibney
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