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#1. When one ceases from conflict, whether because he has won, because he has lost, or because he cares no more for the game, the virtue passes out of him. - Author: Charles Horton Cooley
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#2. While some of them acknowledge the obligation of natural morality in their mode of conducting their cases, and preserve their individual character as gentlemen, there are others who acknowledge no law, human or divine, but the law of Scotland. - Author: George Combe
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#3. The discussion itself is what most matters, the fact that we can reason together easily, with a blend of wit and seriousness, never descending into gossip or slander and always allowing room for alternative views. - Author: Stephen Greenblatt
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#4. Society can overlook murder, adultery or swindling; it never forgives preaching of a new gospel. - Author: Edmund Burke
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#5. Her own mother lived the latter years of her life in the horrible suspicion that electricity was dripping invisibly all over the house. - Author: James Thurber
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#6. You put your dick in my lunch? - Author: Christopher Moore
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#7. The chief difference [between totalitarian and free countries] is that only the totalitarians appear clearly to know how they want to achieve that result, while the free world has only its past achievements to show, being by its very nature unable to offer any detailed "plan" for further growth. - Author: Friedrich August Von Hayek
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#8. To suppose that the eye could have been formed by natural selection, seems, I freely confess, absurd in the highest possible degree - Author: Charles Darwin
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#9. Believe me, Alex. I am trying. My fucking bed is too big for me. It feels empty now. I can't believe I'm even saying that, but whatever. That's how I feel. I want you back. I want you to move in. I want you with me again. - Author: Tijan
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#10. This thing called love, it cries like a baby in a cradle all night. It swings, it jives, it shakes all over like a jelly fish. I kinda like it. - Author: Queen Elizabeth II
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#11. If I am sufficiently brave to extract the cancer of fear, I have effectively gutted my conviction that what stands before me is impossible. - Author: Craig D. Lounsbrough
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#12. Smartass Disciple: Master, can you trust this bank to keep your money safe?
Master of Stupidity: Well, I can put a bit less distrust on this bank than others. - Author: Toba Beta
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#13. I've left this life with no rancour, I'll never have toothache again, Now I lie in the communal grave, the communal grave of time. - Author: Georges Brassens
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#14. I said very little. I knew that for the time being I was the open air, the place to put the words, not a real interlocutor. And then, ekthout a transition of any kind, she began to tell me .... {p. 134} - Author: Siri Hustvedt
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